Archer-y 29th May

This week's update on all things Ambridge in The Archers

As I write this, I’ve just realised something.  Because I don’t listen to the Sunday Omnibus until a Wednesday (and this blog doesn’t come out until a Sunday afternoon), by the time you read this you’ll have already listened to the whole of this week’s Episodes or this week’s Omnibus, which makes my reviews a week out of date.  Durr, daft as a brush, me!

As I’m actually writing my blog while the Sunday Omnibus is on, I’m going to have to rethink my whole strategy here aren’t I?  I guess I’m going to have to start listening to it every day, as that’s the only way I be able to do it.  Ok, I’ll do that from now on!  Right, down to business.

You always know something bad’s going to happen in a Soap when someone starts saying things like “Things are really looking up for us,” or “We’ve really turned a corner,” etc.

As I started on the ironing pile at 3.00 at work (as I always do on a Wednesday), my first thought was that David sounded far too cheerful and that something bad was obviously about to happen.  How right I was!  Ooh, I’m really torn on this one.  Who’d really want Elderflower cordial (“You finish it David,”) with a lovely picnic like that?  You’d have Rosé, surely?

No: seriously; I’m really torn.  I can see how he felt he needed to tell Lizzie the truth, but I can’t work out whether she was right to react like she did, or whether she should have just had a good old cry and told him not to blame himself, as it really wasn’t his fault that after spending New Year’s Eve drinking, he urged Nigel to go up onto an icy roof to take down a banner, and from where he accidently lost his footing on an icy roof in the pitch black; freezing cold, wind, snow, rain, hail #”And Uncle Tom Cobbley and all”, before plunging to his death.

Anyone who’s ever had an accident will know that it’s those two little words, “If only,” that can ruin the rest of your life if you let it.  If we were all sensible all the time, none of us would ever have an accident or make a mistake of any kind, but that’s life, and Elizabeth should maybe have just cut him some slack.

I guess it’ll divide the family for weeks/months, until the big tear-jerking reunion (possibly New Year’s Eve this year?), and that’ll be that.  As for divided families; Kate’s doing her usual trick of causing trouble wherever she goes.  Just thinking that she can take Pheebs off to live in South Africa on a whim is daft, but in Kate’s world it seems like a perfectly reasonable proposition.

I’d be more worried about the kids I’d left behind if I was her – and her husband.  She’ll get back to find he’s moved another woman in and then she’ll know what it feels like.  Mmm. “Think on,” that’s what I say …

One other thing: ‘Nut and Rosehip’ bread.  What’s that all about?  Does anyone have the answer to my question from last week: is it really Plantain they’re growing up at Brookfield?

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