Archer-y 8th May 2011

It was a full two minutes in before we got a mention of … you’ve guessed it, Gardener’s Question Time!  “Here we go again,” I thought, but it was a false alarm thankfully.

Oh, I wanted to be in Monte Carlo (or was it Monarco?) drinking fizz on a balcony like Kenton and Jolene, instead of ploughing through a mountain of ironing, although I did have a good view.*

Have you noticed how soap ‘baddies’ always call their mum ‘Ma’?  That James is a wrong ‘un, but I didn’t expect Leonie to be his surprise for Lillian this time.  Knowing him though, there’ll be more to this than meets the eye.  Oh, yes.

Still don’t know who I want to metaphorically ‘smack’ more: Cathy or Jamie.  Both need to learn a lesson.  Her – how to not come across as so desperate and needy (I speak as an expert in this field!), and him – how to grow up and realise that the world doesn’t revolve around him.  Ok, he’s a teenager, but that’s no excuse, and what’s Wiww-yum’s?

At least Jamie’s got hormones on his side.  Wiww-yum’s just a big baby.  No wonder Nic wasn’t over the moon at his suggestion to have a baby together.  He’s no more than a sulky, overgrown teenager himself.  I’d be running like the clappers towards Lakey Hill and over the other side if I was her.

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