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Review of Coronation Street Hayley’s death

It’s over, and the Corrie Coronation Street timelines on Twitter prior to last night’s epsiodes were basically saying either: ‘I don’t want to watch’, or ‘I’m going to cry my eyes out’.

It was clear that we’d have to wait until the end of the second episode for the actual suicide, and it seems that there’s some disagreement (and a lot of disappointment) this morning about what we saw.

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Hayley's death from cancer: 20th January 2014

Coronation Street’s pancreatic cancer storyline comes to its heartbreaking climax on Monday 20th January as Hayley Cropper takes her own life. Never before has there been a night when devoted Corrie fans won’t be looking forward to watching their favourite soap (and there probably never will be again), but watch we will, and cry we will. As with […]

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