Baby Oleg & more: Wednesday 12th February 2014

IMG_2489Here’s one of the amazing views I’ve been able to capture from the living room of my flat for my Sunset Over Swindon feature recently. This weather’s certainly been providing some spectacular sights.

Apart from staring out of the window, I’ve also been busy. Watching the Sochi Olympics is very time-consuming …

I’ve also been busy on my new ‘fit for life’ regime, so have been at the gym every day – walking miles on the treadmill. It’s not even boring, because this new gym I’ve joined has treadmills fitted with tablet-type screens, so while I walk I can do Sudoko, Mahjong and other excellent brain-teasers.

An hour flies by before I know it, and – after a month at it now – I’m finally starting to see some results, as I’m back into my jeans for the first time in a year!

Eating smaller portions (and cutting back on my ‘core’ diet of pasta, red wine and good bread!) has helped tremendously, and helps offset the huge amount of time I spend sitting at my Mac.

I’ve not been doing much actual WORK lately though. I just can’t see the wood for the trees at the moment, so am mostly metaphorically ‘sitting deep in the middle of the forest’, trying to work out which direction to go in to be able to find my way out.

Oh, it’s such a dilemma …

Seeing double? And not just from one too many in the Rovers!

UnknownCoronation_Street_spoilers___Andrea_does_fancy_Steve____Hayley_Tamaddon_interviewIn the meantime; soap-wise, I’m transfixed by Coronation Street’s Andrea. I reckon she’s the spit of a young Betty Turpin. Do you agree?

Andrea’s got the hots for Steve, and I – for one – would LOVE them to get together as they’ve got real chemistry.

That’s not to say I don’t love Michelle. She’s got such a great rapport with both Steve and Liz (and even beats Rat-eyed-Rita on the dirty looks front!), but most soap couples inevitably run their course, and I feel that (storyline-wise) Steve and Michelle are pretty much at the end of the line.

I’m also lining my ducks in a row on the #Carchelle front. With Peter and Carla’s marriage inevitably doomed to failure (he’s leaving the show later this year), Carla’s going to be sideswiped and will surely feel she’s ‘had it’ with men? If Steve has an affair with Andrea, then Michelle will feel the same, and their loving (and already extremely tactile) relationship will – over time – turn into something more …

Talking of falling in love:

Baby OlegWho hasn’t fallen in love with those Corrie meerkats, and the arrival of baby Oleg has given us an even bigger ‘Aah’ factor. Such a cute little chap, and you can exclusively see the new baby Oleg trailers right here before they’re broadcast on Coronation Street tonight. Just click here (link removed 9/14) for some ultra cuteness!

imagesI’ve even got a baby Oleg toy to give away to one lucky reader of this blog – courtesy of, (link removed 9/14) who sponsor Coronation Street and produce the wonderful (and very clever) little videos which precede each episode. All you have to do is retweet the tweet you clicked on to read this post and you’ll go into the hat (UK only, I’m afraid). I’ll announce the winner a week today – Wednesday 19th February on Twitter.

Where you can read/hear me:

Here’s my latest Yahoo!TV post: The best of the week’s one-liners’, which features all the best/funniest lines from last week’s Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders. There’s some great stuff in there! 

You can also hear my live half hour of Soapy chat on The Big Mid-Morning Show between 10.30-11.00 am on Thursday mornings on Swindon 105.5 FM  – or via Tunein Radio if you’re not lucky enough to live in Sunny Swindon (!).

PS As soon as I can drag myself away from the Olympics I’ll make that last big push to get my site relaunch finished!

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