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Comedy’s a personal thing. This is mine. Hope it’ll raise a smile – or two – for you too!

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Comedy Corner 29th May

Boy, this site re-vamp’s taking a while, but I’ve managed to squeeze a tiny Comedy Corner in this week.  Hope it’ll make you smile a bit.  There’s some glorious comedy stuff on Twitter; here’s a few I think you might like: RogerQuimbly “I’m polishing my euphemism, really, really hard” he ejaculated. TonyCowards Just bought a […]

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Comedy Corner 8th May 2011

(The Corner formerly known as Joke of the Week.)  If you like corny one-liners a la Tim Vine, then you’ll probably like Tony Cowards.  Here’s an example of his stuff: “My idea for self-adhesive wallpaper failed, I couldn’t get the backing.” “My grandfather had an iron will, which was unusual as most people write theirs […]

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