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Patti Clare - Mad Mary - collects her award this week.

Corrie Corner 22nd May 2011

(This article also appears on both the ‘Coronation Street Blog’ and ‘Corrie Countdown‘ websites this week.) “It’s not what it looks like,” John said to Ches as he stood silhouetted at the top of the Hoyle’s cellar steps.  Up until now, it never really was his fault, and I’d always been dead sympathetic towards him.  After […]

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Foodie Corner

I always keep a little jar of instant coffee in my car in case the houses I clean at ever run out (it’s hard to spend a whole day cleaning without sustenance!), and as I was running low, when  I saw this ‘Millicano’ coffee half price in Tesco the other morning I bought it.  You […]

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Ruth Jones in Hattie from Jane Reynolds TV Times Review

TV Times

The Apprentice We’re off, and what a start.  I’m nailing my colours to the mast right now by saying that Jim’s the one for me.  After two Episodes, he’s already proved that he’s a man amongst boys, and what about that performance in the Boardroom on Wednesday, aye?  Have you ever seen anything like it?  No, nor […]

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Match made in 'eaven. Jane Reynolds on why Jane & Mas need to go for it!

Soap-y Corner 15th May

  If there was a “Jumping to the wrong conclusion” event in the Olympics, the Soaps would be vying for the Gold medal.  Clear winners this week are Emmerdale though, with everyone believing Amy over Hairy David.  I wouldn’t mind, but it’ll have only been about five minutes since someone would have been saying exactly the same […]

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Graham's gone Ga Ga - Jane Reynolds Corrie Corner

Corrie Corner

Oh dear.  It’s like watching You’ve been Framed.  You know what’s coming, but it’s still painful to see!  John/Colin’s sitting there happily munching Jaffa Cakes with Fizz, totally unaware that Chesney’s visit to Charlotte’s parents is about to bring a whole heap of trouble to his door – literally. Chesney’s face (as one incredible revelation […]

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Wet stuff falls from sky …

9th May This site is under revision ‘As we speak’, so it may look a bit odd, but please bear with it! * It’s felt like years since the last time, hasn’t it?  It rained here in Swindon, but hardly enough to float a rubber duck really.  Noah’s having to diversify, but I’ve just heard […]

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TV Times 8th May 2011

My fingers are hovering over the keys ready for The Apprentice starting on Tuesday.  I can’t wait!  It’s different this time apparently, in that the winner gets a £250,000 investment for their business and Lord Alan as a partner. My first report will be here next week. Since MasterChef ended, I’ve had a chance […]

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Comedy Corner 8th May 2011

(The Corner formerly known as Joke of the Week.)  If you like corny one-liners a la Tim Vine, then you’ll probably like Tony Cowards.  Here’s an example of his stuff: “My idea for self-adhesive wallpaper failed, I couldn’t get the backing.” “My grandfather had an iron will, which was unusual as most people write theirs […]

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