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Archer-y 8th May 2011

It was a full two minutes in before we got a mention of … you’ve guessed it, Gardener’s Question Time!  “Here we go again,” I thought, but it was a false alarm thankfully. Oh, I wanted to be in Monte Carlo (or was it Monarco?) drinking fizz on a balcony like Kenton and Jolene, instead […]

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Corrie Corner 8th May 2011

(The following also appears as my blogpost on both the ‘Coronation Street Blog’ and ‘Corrie Countdown‘ websites this week.) Shock, horror: “Child goes missing at seaside.”  Never saw that one coming, did we?  There’s never been a single child in the history of Soaps that hasn’t gone missing the second it’s let out of its bedroom, […]

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Foodie Corner 8th May 2011

Just a quick one.  Foodie Corner’s going to be making a proper comeback soon, but in the meantime, check this out.  There’s some lovely photos on it, but if you scroll down, you’ll find a peanut butter cookie recipe.  It has three ingredients.  Yes, three ingredients, and the cookies look delicious! Twitter Rosemary Beck contentcottage

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If you like reading/learning new Social Media stuff, here’s a great site/blog I found yesterday.  It’s called Hubze. I’ve got to show you this.  Whether you love iPhones or hate iPhones, you’ll love this short video. Which one would you be – the guy on the left or the right?

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