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A Glasgow Flat White

Sunday 21st November 2010

Ok.  Are you impressed?  Here is a photo.  Ok; it’s not what you might have expected (especially as I’ve been in Glasgow for the BBC ‘Lip Service’ party and you might have expected to see photos of the actors who were there), but I think it’s time we started getting into the Christmas spirit, so […]

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Sunday 14th November 2010

Sunday.  Blog day.  Okay … I’ve received some useful feedback stating that I appear to lack confidence and seem to almost ‘apologise’ for my existence sometimes.  Yes.  It’s true.  A lot of the time I DO feel like that, so instead of starting my blog with something like “I don’t suppose anyone’s reading this but […]

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Sunday 7th November 2010

Gosh, it’s come round quickly.  Sunday already.  Are you meant to have writers’ block on a blog?  It was easier writing the book than doing this!  Probably because I haven’t done anything except sit in my office tapping away all week, so don’t have any news.  Wow.  I need to get out more! I didn’t […]

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Sunday 31st October 2010

This is the first ‘real time’ blog I’ve written.  The first one was one I’d ‘prepared earlier’ and saved weeks ago in readiness for the ‘Big Day’.  It only needed a tweak.  I’m doing this one from scratch.  Let’s hope it finds its way onto the screen when I press the button in a minute! […]

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Blink and you'd have missed it …

True to form (story of my life yet-again), the set of unbelievable and unforseen setbacks I’ve had to endure during the last few weeks have made me feel at times as if this day would never happen.  I’ve truly felt at times as if something’s been conspiring against me, but – at last – here […]

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