Comedy Corner 26th June 2011

Ooh, it's been a while since we've had a Comedy Corner, so here's one today.  

Come Dine With Me - Comedy Corner on Jane Reynolds' Weekly blogOne of the funniest things around is the Channel 4 Series Come Dine With Me, which started a new run on Friday 24th June 8.00 pm.  Some of the contestants are funnier than a lot of stuff you see on TV/Radio (usually not intentionally!), and Dave Lamb's voiceovers are right up my 'Comedy Street'.

I don't even watch it for the food any more, although you occasionally get some quite nice stuff on there, but I'll never understand how most of them rarely start even looking for the recipe for the main course until they've finished the starters!

As usual, I'm well behind on my radio listening, but if you like my sense of humour, then look out for some of my current favourite Radio shows as I expect they'll amuse you too!


BBC Radio 4 Extra:

The Sunday Format – A Spoof of the newspaper's Sunday Supplements (in Radio Form!)

The Secret World – A spoof impression-type show along the lines of Dead Ringers

Radio 4:

Ed Reardon - Comedy Corner from Jane Reynolds' Weekly BlogA repeat of the most recent Series (7) of one my all-time favourites Ed Reardon's Week starts on Wednesday 6.30 pm.  Comedy at its finest, and a must for any Grumpy Old Man or woman!

Also on Wednesday night at 11.00, it's Episode 1 of a re-run of The Adventures of Inspector Steine – a comedy crime-drama about an innefectual Brighton Police Chief. (Can't work out which Series it is from the BBC Site on 25th June, but it's good – whichever Series it is!) 

My current comedy Twitter favourites are: 

 News Thump 

They're a spoof newspaper.  They put their headlines out as tweets and you can read the full story by clicking on the links.  Well worth following if you like your satire!

"NEWS! Abramovic getting impatient as Villas-Boas enters second trophyless day."

"NEWS! Andy Murray to watch Wimbledon final in 3D."

"NEWS! Ryan Giggs to receive special recognition award for services to tabloid media."

"NEWS! England’s young players ready to disappoint at the highest level, claims Pearce."


Tony Cowards - Comedy Corner from Jane Reynolds' BlogIf – like me – you like your one-liners, then TonyCowards 'The Tim Vine of Twitter' is for you.  Here's a taster:

"At the Restaurant last night, the waiter asked me if I wanted to hear the specials, I said 'Yes' so he started singing Ghost Town."

"Been asked to do a stand up gig for a dried fruit company, just waiting for them to get back to me with some dates."

"My dad's motto is "Neither a borrower nor a lender be", which is why he lost his job at the British library."

Actually, if you're reading this, you probably like comedy, right?  In that case, if you haven't already, why not take a look at my tongue-in-cheek 'Soap-y Corner' and 'Corrie Corner' posts.  Even if you don't like Soaps, there's the cream of this week's one-liners all there for you to have a good old chuckle over.

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