Comedy Corner 29th May

Boy, this site re-vamp’s taking a while, but I’ve managed to squeeze a tiny Comedy Corner in this week.  Hope it’ll make you smile a bit.  There’s some glorious comedy stuff on Twitter; here’s a few I think you might like:


“I’m polishing my euphemism, really, really hard” he ejaculated.


Just bought a self-help book that teaches you how to throw your voice, “Ventriloquism for Dummies”.


“Quite ill after going to Nando’s last night, probably shouldn’t have ordered the Beriberi chicken.”


“My wife and I are getting along great at the moment. She’s not home.”

Something to watch?

The Thick Of It - Comedy Corner on Jane Reynolds' Weekly Blog‘This week I have mostly been watching’ (again), the first Series of The Thick of It – the most biting of satires which you cannot fail to truly believe was exactly what it was like behind the scenes in Gordon Brown’s Government.

The Episodes with the Minister’s second home, and the Gillian Duffy-ish confronation are quite spookily accurate.  Seeing this, it’s little wonder we have no respect for our Politicians any more, but it doesn’t half make a cracking bit of viewing!

Actually, if you’re reading this, you probably like comedy, right?  In that case, why not take a look at ‘Soap-y Corner’ and ‘Corrie Corner’ too.  Even if you don’t like Soaps, there’s the cream of this week’s one-liners all there for you to have a good old chuckle over!

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