'Archer-y' – 26th August 2012

This week's update on all things Ambridge in The Archers

It’s been a long time since I’ve done an ‘Archer-y’ post. That’s mostly been down to lack of time, but also down to the fact that it had got so dull there wasn’t really anything to even write about!

The ‘Famous Five’ school of acting that most of The Archers children seem to have come from was driving me to distraction, and the storylines … well, there weren’t any really, but that’s all changed.

A temporary editor (John Yorke) was brought in to cover Vanessa Whitburn’s absence. Despite apparently promising that nothing ‘bad’ was going to happen, since then we’ve had just about everything that could have happened, happen.

It’s as if he got the writers together and said, “What’s the worst thing that could happen to each character?” and once they agreed on what it was, they wrote it.

I listen to the Omnibus on a Thursday while I’m doing my weekly ironing job. It had got to a point where rather than make the time pass quicker, it felt as if that hour and a quarter had doubled, but not now!

For the last few weeks it’s been one scandal and revelation after another. It’s so fast-paced and unpredictable that I wonder what on earth might be coming next. I was on the verge of giving up listening forever (after 35+ years), but I’ve got a new enthusiasm for the show and hope that Ambridge will continue in its new ‘spiced-up’ vein.

This is the 21st Century. Money worries, violence and troubled teens etc are a part of life which impinge on even the sleepiest of rural communities. It’s great stuff, and I love it!

PS Why is everyone having such a go at Cathy? To me, it’s outrageous that Jamie didn’t even bother to let her know his exam results; not even a text. This is just typical of (many) teenagers today. They have no respect for their parents, and if he just had the nouce to keep her ‘in the loop’ then she wouldn’t have any NEED to constantly be asking him what he’s up to etc.

Isn’t it better that she’s concerned about his future rather than just leaving him to sit around in bus shelters drinking cider and getting girls pregnant (although I suspect that’s going to be his next trick!)?

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