Carchelle Corner – February 2013

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My father’s in the final stages of terminal cancer. We’re caring for him at home, but it’s extremely demanding and I’m consequently having to try and fit my Soap-watching in whenever I’m able to grab a spare moment.

It normally takes me from first thing on Saturday morning until Monday lunchtime to produce my weekly Soapy Corners (and then I have another half a day’s admin etc to do on top of that), but I’m currently struggling to have even finished watching one week’s episodes before the next week’s start!

Posting my last Carchelle Corner (27th January) while trying to look after my father and still do my regular ironing jobs and radio stints was so stressful that it forced me to accept that I was simply going to have to put everything else ‘on hold’ for the forseeable future.

I’m so sorry for this. It’s just another example of the ‘story of my life’ though (see the ‘About Me’ section), but if you’re a Soap-Watcher then you’ll already know that whenever you think you’re about to get a break in life, something comes along and kicks your legs from under you!

Carchelle Corner will resume as soon as possible. Thank you, and I hope to see you then.


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3 Responses to Carchelle Corner – February 2013

  1. Clare Perkins February 23, 2013 at 6:35 pm #

    I’m sorry to hear about your Father and hope things get better at home.
    Please try and update. I love reading this and I get bored waiting for you to reply.
    Ironing doesn’t have to be done frequently. Also just put aside time to go on the computer. in stead of a weekly blog, do a daily one from each episode which you see Carla and Michelle in. Less amount of writing, gives you time away from proper work. You still will have time to see your father.

    The Radio and this are the 2 things that are less work. The Radio doesn’t have to be done all the time either. I know you will want to see your Father, but as College say set aside time for other things. If you make time slots for these blogs, your Radio thing, ironing and free time (for your Father) it will help you get everything done and get things organised.

    For Assignments you do them in order of hand in dates, you set aside time to do these, aside hobbies and family time.

    I’m not saying everything else is important more than your Father. My Father died in hospital, but we had times set aside for other things.

    All you can do is try a schedule (daily schedule).This could Include the following: Time with your father, blogs, Radio, Social Life/Free Alone Time, Ironing/Chores. As much as you love your father and have things to do you need time alone. when and if your father starts to deteriate badly your schedule can skip aside. but doing the blog and radio keeps you sane and comes away from your family/home problems including free time.

    I’m sorry if this sounds cruel, I don’t mean it in a bad way. I’m trying to say the truth and help you with this situation

    • Jane March 3, 2013 at 4:21 pm #

      Thank you for your comments. I’m the most organised person I know, & – under normal circumstances – I agree 100% that routine & structure are the only way to achieve success in any task, but sick people can’t fit into a schedule, I’m afraid. Their needs have to come first, & my father’s needs vary from minute-to-minute as he gets closer to death. We have a constant stream of carers, nurses and others at the house & I barely have time to even write an email at present, let-alone produce a blog.

      Even producing the shortest of blogs (like I’m doing at the moment) takes a good half a day’s work. If you knew how much time was involved producing my Soapy Corners I think you’d be surprised. Nobody is more frustrated than me at the current state of affairs, but even my ‘so-called’ free time today has been eaten-up by my father just having had a bit of a ‘turn’ just which resulted in me having to ring the nursing team for an emergency visit.

      The nurse has just left, but that’s been another two hours gone. I now have a customers’ ironing to do this afternoon for collection tomorrow then have to go office cleaning at 5.30 am tomorrow morning before getting back in time to start my shift.

      I really appreciate your concern & the fact that you’re trying to offer me support but – believe me – if I could do things any differently then I would. As for Carchelle: I’m not even watching my Soaps until maybe after 10.00 at night (& am two weeks behind on EastEnders), so am not sure where the time would come from to write a daily blog!

      He doesn’t have much time left. It’s important to us – his children – that we’re with him at the end of his life. We don’t know exactly when he’s going to leave us, so our lives have to be put ‘on hold’ for as long as it takes …

      I’m glad you enjoy my Soapy Corners & am very much looking forward to starting up again just as soon as I can. Watch this space!

  2. Ann March 24, 2013 at 9:49 am #

    My goodness Claire – Clearly you have never nursed a dying person or lost a parent. I enjoy the soapy corners too but one must be reasonable.

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