Carchelle Corner – 27th January 2013

IMG_1526We’ve not had much #carchelle this week, have we – so there’s not a lot to say, but we Carla/Michelle fans can always find something to mull over, can’t we?

I was interested in this exchange between Peter and Carla in the pub.

“It’s always the quiet ones you’ve got to watch,” he proclaimed sanctimoniously.

“Do you have to be so judgemental?” she snapped back.

IMG_1517Significant? Time will tell, but we’re just waiting for Peter and Carla to hurry up and split up so that we can get cracking with #carchelle!

That’s it, I’m afraid. Nothing else of note really. Let’s see what this week brings shall we, but I’ve just put this picture up of them in Church. Shame that Peter had to be sat in the middle …

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