Carla Corner – 29th July 2012

Alas, there IS no Carla Corner this week.

There hasn’t been anything to say, has there? Will Michelle cave in under Steve’s relentless attentions, or might Rob sweep her off her feet? I don’t want to think about either of those scenarios, but I guess it’ll be one or the other …

As long as she doesn’t forget Carla, we Carchelle fans can only hope that ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’, can’t we?

Missing Carchelle?

If you are, then trust me: you really should be reading my novel “Just Good Friends?” It’s the story of two women: Magazine editor Helen, and her best friend, yummy-mummy Ruth, and explores just how easily it is to cross the line from a loving friendship into actual love.

What happens between Ruth and Helen may certainly help you cope with your frustration at Carchelle not actually having happened (yet?)!

"Just Good Friends?" the debut novel by Jane ReynoldsIt’s got husbands having affairs – and all the twists and turns you’d expect from a regular chick-lit novel, but – like with Carla and Michelle – will the girl get the girl in the end? CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE “JUST GOOD FRIENDS?”

PS There’s lots of other information that might interest you in both ‘THE BOOK’ and the ‘and Finally’ sections of this site.

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