Carla Corner – 10th June 2012

Big news. I saw this: PETER TAKES SIX MONTH BREAK on the Coronation Street Blog (via one of their tweets) on Friday night, and it’s certainly cheered me up after a week where we #Carchelle lovers have been rocked to read that apparently Carla’s going to suggest that she and Peter try for a baby.

Can you think of anything worse? No, nor me. Carla’s Mike Baldwin’s successor and is the Street’s equivalent of the big landowner is in Emmerdale. She’s the ‘Upstairs’ in Upstairs Downstairs. She’s a business woman. She doesn’t ‘do’ children, and she’s got far more important things to do with her time than change nappies – like employ half the street for a start.

I’m not saying women can’t be mothers and be successful in business too. That’s SO not the point here. The point is … that this is CARLA CONNOR we’re talking about, and giving Carla a tiny baby would be like giving Kirk a job as an Air Traffic Controller.

When you look at it logically, it just isn’t realistic long-term, so I’m hoping we can breathe easy on that one, but based on this week’s (sorely-lacking) Carla content, they won’t be together long enough to make a baby if Peter keeps on shouting at her like that.

Again this week, Peter’s been taking his frustration out on our heroine, and how it hasn’t driven her to drink I don’t know. She put a bottle of red in the cupboard after her trip to Freshco’s. Probably not a wise move, but let’s just talk about that whole scene, shall we?

Ok. Carla Connor … in a Supermarket? No, I’m sorry. Carla’s existed on coffee, red wine and takeaways for years. We don’t want to see (or even THINK about) her doing something as mundane as buying milk (unless it’s to put in Michelle’s coffee), do we?

Could you imagine bumping into Carla Connor while you were trawling round the aisles? (Let’s all take a moment to visualise that delicious moment.) Ok, back to reality. No, of course you couldn’t. Carla doesn’t ‘do’ shopping (unless it’s clothes shopping), so let’s not have any more domestic stuff please. What next: washing Peter’s smalls? *shudders*

I digress. Back to the future. She’s off for four months, he’s off for six. Now, what can we glean from that?

Ideal scenario? Carla shows up (completely out of the blue – having left Peter because she can’t live without Michelle any longer); finds her in bits over Ryan, and the storyline starts right there.

Do we like that girls? Yes, I think we’d settle for that!

#Carchelle Corner

I completely forgot to write last week that apparently Kym calls Ali ‘Kingy‘. Aah! I got this from a tweet by @Alisonkingfan88 but had forgotten to put it in.

We’ve had hardly any Carla and no Michelle at all this week. How are we going to cope? The football’s thrown the Soap schedules into disarray, so we’re having to go for even longer without our dose of #Carchelle. At least it’ll get us in training for Carla’s break, but it’s going to be a hard, hard time for us all.

I’d looked back over my old posts this week, and saw that it was way back in November last year (or possibly even longer than that, but I ran out of time looking!) when I first commented on Carla’s overly-affectionate nature regarding Michelle.

If the Corrie bosses follow Twitter (I can’t speak for FaceBook as I can never find anything on there), they can’t have failed to notice the growing band of #Carchelle lovers who are desperate to see them together as a couple. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Sophie and Sian was a huge ratings-booster. Carla and Michelle would be ‘off the scale’ (as they say)!

(Thanks to @CarchelleLove for this photo. The words are lyrics by Regina Spektor and say: I’ll come back when you call me. No need to say goodbye.)

Carchelle Comments:

@Alison_KingFans “If I see Peter shout at our Carla one more time, I may throttle him. She deserves so much better. Like Michelle, maybe.”

@AliKingLove Jane. Please can you go and be story writer for Corrie! Your Carchelle ideas are perfect!

@Al_CC06 If all Corrie can offer when Carla’s not about is stolen hanging baskets then viewing figures will fall a lot during the upcoming 4 months.

I saw a new hastag this week too: #CWS – Carla Withdrawl Symptoms (or is it Carchelle Withdrawl Symptoms?). Both are equally serious afflictions! Maybe it should be #CWS for Carla and #CCWS for Carchelle?

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Here’s a lovely one (sorry, didn’t make a note of who I’d got it from). If you like those legs, you need to be following @MrsConnorsLegs on Twitter, and if you’re loving Carchelle, then trust me: you really should be reading “Just Good Friends?” 

It’s the story of two women: Magazine Editor Helen, and her best friend, yummy-mummy Ruth, and explores just how easily it is to cross the line from a loving friendship into actual love. What happens between Ruth and Helen may certainly help you cope with your frustration at Carchelle not actually having happened (yet?)!"Just Good Friends?" the debut novel by Jane Reynolds

It’s got husbands having affairs – and all the twists and turns you’d expect from a regular chick-lit novel, but – like with Carla and Michelle – does the girl get the girl in the end?


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