Carla Corner – 8th July 2012

Another tough week for Carla lovers. We only got to see her on Friday, but was that even our Carla? She was dressed in a girly bat-winged blouse that would have done Hyacinch Bouquet proud.

Let’s get this straight: Carla Connor would look stunning in a bin bag (especially because bin bags are black), but flowing, flowery ‘mumsy’ blouses are NOT her. They just don’t suit her character. Blimey. At this rate she’ll be shopping in Boden before the month’s out!

It was so out of character that Simon didn’t even recognise her (or maybe that was just his excuse for ignoring her during the whole of his party?), and I don’t think Peter was very enamoured either.

Peter’s mind’s clearly on other things. Carla Connor is the best thing that will ever happen to that man, but it hasn’t taken him long to start taking her for granted.

He ought to be worshipping the ground she walks on, but instead he’s having thoughts about Leanne. Who’s to say what goes on in someone’s head, but you don’t usually realise what you’ve lost until it’s gone, and he, Leanne and Simon were a family. He also can’t bear the thought of the pair of them being with his ‘rival’ Nick, and Peter’s such a self-centered bloke he’d always take that bit personally.

If you read this blog weekly it’s probably because you’re a Carla and/or Carchelle fan and struggle to wonder how every man (and woman) in the world’s not in love with Mrs C, but that’s clearly not the case or there’d be a lot of single women and disappointed men on the cobbles!

Anyway, the ‘big’ week’s coming. “Peter dead?” the headlines scream out from the Soap magazines. No, of course he’s not, but what’s going to happen? There might be floods all over the Country, but we’re preparing ourselves for a Carla drought – and we’re not looking forward to it.

Oh dear. I think Carla Corner’s going to have to take a ‘Summer’ (what Summer?) break until she’s back. It’s hard to write about someone who’s not on-screen, as my Soapy Corners are written in response to what we’ve seen on-screen that week.

#Carchelle Corner

It’s also hard to write Carchelle Corner when we haven’t even had Michelle on-screen – let-alone the two of them together! Yes, it’s been another Michelle-free week, so I’m certainly hoping we get an emotional, teary goodbye before Carla gets on that train.

Thank goodness Michelle will be able to run the business in Carla’s absence. Let’s hope nobody comes in and tries to take over or interfere (!) They run Underworld together. It’s ‘their’ business. I’m not sure Michelle would be happy if someone came in and started lording-it over her.

Carchelle Comments

Here’s one from oracleofdelphi: Just read the whole thing from start to end. I love the idea of them as a couple. I have to admit I do have a bit of a crush on Carla, but Michelle is more my crush – especially since she came back …

I’ll follow this for a while. Hope the producers take note. Seems there are alot of fans who’d like to see that particular storyline.

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