Carla Corner – 13th January 2013

IMG_1088Many women go on a diet after Christmas.

When you go on a diet you tend to crave the things you’re missing, and Corrie have put us all on the (very restrictive) Carla-Controlled diet, haven’t they?

After having been gone for five whole months we were desperate to get her back and completely ecstatic to finally see those gorgeous pins stepping out of that taxi in December, but what’s happened since then? Exactly … Nothing!

We’re barely seen our heroine, and are gutted that she’s still with Peter (who’s loving himself more than anyone else these days!).

IMG_1105All we’ve had since she got back are a few snatches of her and Michelle in the office, but HOW GOOD is it to actually see them together again without Rob getting in the way all the time? ‘Two’s company’, as they say …

The nearest we came to a #carchelle moment last week was when Carla said that she’d burned her tongue on Friday, and we were all there waiting and hoping that Michelle would offer to kiss it better, weren’t we?

Michelle’s been giving Carla some pretty adoring ‘looks’ since she’s been back, hasn’t she? The ‘sign of things to come’, perhaps? Oh, how we’re WISHING for that to be the case!

The combination of Christmas and my father’s rapid deterioration through cancer over the last four weeks have meant that I’ve barely been able to get onto Twitter, but even on the odd occasion when I have been on it I’ve noticed just how many #carchelle-related tweets there are out there.

IMG_1107Nearly all the tweets I see about how ‘hot’ both Carla and Michelle look come from (supposedly straight!) women, and so many of them (either literally or by suggestion) also say how much they actually ‘fancy’ one (or both) of them.

IMG_1096As I’ve said many times on here now: this is a completely unique situation. There’s never been a Soap character (that I can recall) who’s ever provoked such adoration as Carla Connor, and the amount of women who want to see her and Michelle get together as a couple is something that I’m hoping the show’s producers are now not only now fully aware of but are hopefully considering acknowledging at some point?

IMG_1099Let’s make it our 2013 wish for them to finally share a kiss, shall we, #carchelle fans, and all do everything we can to champion our cause and make sure that everyone gets to know just how desperate we are for the Soap storyline of the Century to finally happen.

When you think of Soaps’ most iconic moments (Dirty Den handing Angie her divorce papers on Christmas Day still makes me tingle all over when I think about it – it’s even doing it now as I write this line), I feel that this storyline could potentially be even bigger than that (and oh, how I’d love to be the one writing it too!).

IMG_1101Peter dumps Carla. She’s devastated and can only rely on her closest friend Michelle for comfort. As they grow closer still, they begin to realise that what they feel for each other is a lot more than just friendship.

Ok, and breeaathe

That’s all there is today (as there’s so little else to report this week), but I’ll be #carchelle-watching next week, and as long as we actually GET a bit of Carla there’ll be a Carla Corner!


Do you think I should change the name to Carchelle Corner? Leave me a comment below (or on Twitter @janereynolds8) so that I can do what YOU all want, as this is YOUR page, and if you love the thought of Carla and Michelle getting together then you might like my novel ‘Just Good Friends?’

It’s the story of close friends Ruth and Helen, whose drunken kiss leads to a whole lot more and is available as a paperback on Amazon and to download on all eReader formats (and at a new, low price of only £2.99!)


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  1. Clare Perkins January 15, 2013 at 5:21 pm #

    to right.
    @JaneReynolds8 Hi Jane. I had read your and I’d say it would be better as Carchelle Corner.

    I would love the romance between Carla and Michelle. There is people on twitter, facebook and Bebo who likes it. Including on Fafics of them.

    • Jane January 16, 2013 at 4:04 pm #

      Thanks Clare. I reckon it’ll have to be ‘Carchelle Corner’ from now on too! Thanks for taking the time to comment, & lets hope we get the romance as it’ll be amazing! Jane

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