Carchelle Corner – 20th January 2013

Spotted the new name?

IMG_1329Yes, I’ve decided (after a bit of feedback from my question last week) to change the name from Carla Corner to Carchelle Corner, as anyone who’s reading this is – presumably – of the same mindset as me and just waiting and hoping for Carla and Michelle to get together as a couple?

IMG_1320We’ve had a few little bursts of #carchelle activity this week, and the eagle-eyed amongst us will have spotted that Carla got hold of Michelle’s arm when they left the factory on Friday (that’s the best picture I could get of it), and that Michelle has continued to look adoringly at her boss/friend across the office desk for the best part of the week!

The most interesting bit for #carchelle-watchers though, was when Michelle found out that Carla had not only taken Rob back, but had made him a partner in Underworld.

Just when they’d got all cosy again, too

IMG_1348Was that a bit of jealousy in Michelle’s eyes at the thought of it not just being the two of them any more? Ooh, we certainly hope so, don’t we, and with Rob being such a prize prat I can envisage him a) not realising what’s starting to happen right under his nose as the two grow closer (partly in solidarity against him) and b) completely freaking out when he DOES eventually find out that they’re together.

IMG_1318HOW good would that be? It would make for a brilliant storyline (it’d be brilliant anyway, we already know that!) for the two women to be ‘as one’ (in more ways than one!) and united – as a couple – against him.

It could lead to all sorts of interesting scenarios – not least that it’d hopefully see him leaving, but trying to ruin them/the business on his way out by telling all their clients that they were lesbians.

‘Carchelle Enterprises’ run Underworld?

Rob’s the sort of bloke (like Kevin) who’d probably think that it would actually harm Carla’s business to be ‘outed’ as a lesbian, but (as Kevin also seems to have failed to grasp) this is the 21st Century, and ROB would be the one who’d end up looking foolish and chauvinistic as Carla and Michelle proudly declared their love to the world and actually ended up gaining business from it.

IMG_1302IMG_1307Ah, yes. There’s so much scope and so many possibilities with this storyline and – as Steve seems to be channelling Peter now too, is that another good omen for all of us #carchelle-watchers, maybe?

Didn’t we love Michelle’s line to Rob: “Oh no, darling. We’re not girls – we’re women.”

Yummy. Let’s have more of that next week please, and let’s just get on and get Peter and Carla split up soon so that we can get cracking with #carchelle.

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  1. SimplyCarchelle January 21, 2013 at 7:05 pm #

    Peter & Rob need to leave first of all, then carchelle can get together… Amazing read everytime x SC

    • Jane January 23, 2013 at 10:22 pm #

      Let’s hope, aye? Thank you for the kind comment.

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