Carla Corner – 15th July 2012

I couldn’t believe my ears when Peter started laying in to Carla like that. “I’m losing the one good thing in my life,” was one of the least shout-ey but most hurtful things he said.

“What do you want? Have you forgotten one of your designer frocks?” he spat when she went back to try to patch things up. She shouldn’t even have had her frocks in there in the first place. They’ll stink of stale smoke by now.

“You knew that me and Si and Leanne were really happy, but you just carried on, didn’t you? You just ploughed on regardless until you got what you wanted,” he railed. What a pig.

“I just can’t stand it any more,” Carla cried, and – quite rightly – left.

Not before time, too. She should have packed her bags the very first time he started on at her. “That place might be full of horrible memories, but I cannot keep walking in here and making new ones with you,” she told him in despair.

The wallpaper in Carla’s flat is a horrible memory to me, but I’d rather have her there than stuck in Peter’s tatty old gaff. She looked like a fish out of water there, and I’m very glad she’s out of it.

PS I didn’t want to put photos of them fighting up on here. We all saw it on TV; we don’t need reminding of how awful it was. This is Carla Corner.  We’re here to talk about our heroine, so I’ve chosen nice photos of her for you instead!

Best form of defence is attack

Peter’s conveniently forgotten that had he been a better parent to Simon – and not had an affair – he wouldn’t have lost him, but to blame it all on Carla was just shameful (but typical). He made it sound to Leanne as if SHE’D been the one doing all the running and that he was merely a ‘moth to her flame’.

What a load of old rubbish. He knew exactly what he was doing, and it was so typical of Peter to try to blame somebody else for his mistakes/behaviour. He’s like a small child who – even when caught in the act of drawing all over the walls, looks down at the pen in his hand and still says, ‘It wasn’t me’.

Please don’t forgive him …

My biggest fear (and the reason I’m dreading watching next week’s episodes) is that Carla will let him talk her round, forgive him and then actually leave with him. I’m sorry, but Carla would never give him another chance after finding out that he’d tried to get back together with Leanne, would she?

If she hadn’t known, then fair enough, but now that she does … well, it just doesn’t ring true, does it?

How could she imagine they could ever be happy again – knowing that he’d tried to get back together with Leanne? How could she ever trust him? It would eat away at her. It’s almost as if he’s ‘had an affair’ with Leanne, because he was actually thinking of the three of them being a family again. What woman could get over that? Even a doormat like me would struggle with that one, and Carla’s no doormat!

Carchelle Corner

Let’s try and look to the future.

Carchelle fans will have been relieved to get a bit of a fix this week. Seeing them tucked-up in the office (their little ‘sanctuary’) was lovely – until Carla’s brother Rob suddenly rolled up with his cheeky banter and a degree in ‘running an knicker factory’.

That was a stroke of luck, wasn’t it: just when Carla’s about to leave?

“Dangerous, this one. You should watch yourself,” Stella said as Carla approached him at the bar.

“I already know that,” Carla replied.

“I wasn’t talking to you,” she retorted cattily.

Don’t get me wrong: Rob’s fine (he doesn’t look much like Carla, but how could you find any man gorgeous enough to actually look like her brother?), and as long as he keeps his attention turned on Eva (or anyone else, frankly) and not Michelle, we’ll be fine. That is not a relationship I’d like to see happen and – besides – Michelle’s got her eyes on something far more good looking than him, as you can see!

Even in this first week, they’ve come across as having more of a ‘brother and sister’ sort of friendship than a sexual one. Let’s just hope it stays that way. We need Michelle to save herself for Carla, please.

Notice how Michelle reminded Carla what a waste of space Peter was? Of course you did! We Carchelle lovers are on the lookout for ANY ‘sign’ that we’ll be able to be look back at and say, “Ah, do you remember how they looked at each other that way or said such-and-such that time?” etc, if and when the big moment actually comes!

I think Michelle looked jealous when Carla was saying that she loved Peter still. Did I imagine that? Oh, only time will tell.

Michelle’s certainly looking and sounding like she’ll be a worthy and formidable stand-in while Carla’s away. I personally don’t like how Rob’s walked straight in and – just because he’s a man – suddenly feels to have assumed authority over the pair of them (especially after having salvaged that contract).

I don’t even remember Carla talking about a brother. Soaps do this a lot: suddenly ‘invent’ long-lost relatives that have never even been mentioned before. In all that stuff with Frank, there’d have been plenty of opportunity to mention a brother in prison, but I don’t recall any mention of him.

I’d always imagined Carla to have no relatives. She’s barely ever spoken about them (except when her mother died – so that she could be traumatised by it and drink too much in order to add weight to the Peter/affair storyline).

Anyway, never mind all that. We got to see lots of Michelle hugging and comforting Carla, and that always makes us happy. They just look so natural together, and even more so when they’re close.

Surely Carchelle has to happen? The more I think about it (and see how many others agree with me), the more convinced I am that this would be an absolute gift for the writers and a guaranteed ratings winner!

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