Carla Corner – 24th June 2012

It was quite a Carla-lite week again this week, but her in that dress made up for it.

It had felt so wrong to me having read last week that she was going to ask Peter to have a baby together. Thank goodness it was the other way round in the end, and unless she ends up coming back from her four-month break with a cushion stuffed up her jumper I think we can rest assured that that was a false alarm and that they’re not going to be turning our Carla into a ‘yummy mummy’ after all.

She’s yummy alright, but a mummy? No. Never on this earth. It would destroy the character of Carla Connor completely.

It was bad enough watching her lying on his arm like some lovesick puppy in the Bistro, so when she all but laughed in his face when he suggested the baby I was extremely relieved.

Carla’s done well to stop Peter being even more of a fool than he has already (and has been a real mediator between him and Leanne), but she must be starting to wonder why she even bothered, as there’s always going to be that link between them, and if she’s rejected his idea of starting a family, will he just turn his attention back to Leanne instead?

I did just happen to read something yesterday which hinted that within a few months … oh no, I mustn’t say. You’ve either read it yourself and already know, or haven’t read it – in which case I don’t want to be the one to say it here, as I deliberately don’t do spoilers on my blogs. Let’s have a picture of Ali looking sultry and sexy instead, shall we?

#Carchelle Corner

I’d only make an exception to that rule if I were to read that the Carchelle storyline was actually going to happen, as I’d started pointing out what I felt to be Carla’s very out of character over-familiarity with Michelle way back in 2011.

As for a baby: the only way Carla could have a baby is if she came back from her break pregnant and once she and Michelle got together they could raise the baby as a couple, with Carla running the factory and Michelle looking after little Carl or Carlotta. Could you call a baby Carchelle? Just a thought …

No Michelle again this week I’m afraid, so I’m grateful to Carla/Michelle fans for my photos, and big thanks to Twitter’s @AlisonKingLove for this lovely little Michelle/Carla video clip: CLICK HERE TO WATCH, and for the photo on the left here.

Carchelle Comments

@AnnaJoy_: Come on now Corrie, give us what we want! #Carchelle!

I’ve also found a little Carchelle video on YouTube – courtesy of someone called MISS SHELL:


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