Carla Corner – 1st July 2012

Not much Carla again this week. It’s hard – and is going to get so much harder when she goes. Four months? Hardly bears thinking about, does it?

Anyway, we saw the first real signs of the cracks appearing this week, as from their very first scene Peter was moaning about Nick spending time with Simon.

“We’ve only just got up. Can we please talk about something else?” she sighed, but we all know that it’s not just Simon that Peter’s upset about, don’t we?

I can see Peter’s point though. I’d be well fed up if I was him and saw my boy happily sitting eating his breakfast with his new ‘daddy’ only a week after I’d given him up to my ex-wife.

Trouble is, he went home and started ranting to Carla about it – which she pointed out to him.

“Touched a raw nerve, have I?” she asked.

Carla knows something’s up, and you can almost feel the tension when any of them are within a hundred yards of each other now. It almost ended in a fight in the street, and Carla had to drag Peter into the bookies’ to stop him belting Nick. Knowing Peter like we do though, we know it’s only a matter of time before he hits the bottle again, and then what’ll happen, aye?

#Carchelle Corner

Carla was still woried about it when she and Michelle were in the office together. Yes, they were both on screen this week and were tucked-up in their little nest, but Carla’s mind wasn’t on work.

Michelle attempted to reassure her that Peter wasn’t feeling jealous over Leanne being with Nick, but it didn’t really work. Carla knows something’s wrong, and if your partner’s still got feelings for their ex then – if you’re honest – you’ll know you’ve probably already lost them …

The best thing Michelle can do is to keep Underworld ticking along while Carla tries to cope with it all, and she was certainly keeping the staff on their toes here. (She certainly looks like a ‘Manager’, doesn’t she? Very professional-looking!)

“Where’s Sean?” she asked Julie.

“Er, toilet,” Julie stuttered.

“Right. And you’re standing there because?” she pressed.

” … Oh, cramp!” Julie blustered.

Lovely little moment. Keep it up, Michelle. Carla’s going to be relying on you heavily pretty soon if things carry on the way they’re going.

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