Carla Corner – 17th June 2012

Where’s it going to end? She still looks like our Carla (albeit that she’s stopped dressing completely in black the whole time, which does look rather good on her), but she’s not behaving like our Carla.

The nearest we got to seeing a flash of the woman we know and love (and a couple of flashes of those Connor legs!), was when she told Peter in exasperation, “Stay calm, stay calm will you,” when he was rushing out of the flat to look for Simon, but other than that she was like a little mouse.

Granted; she was dignity personified while Peter and Leanne took lumps out of each other, but I’d rather have had her wade in and have her say too.

Ok, she probably shouldn’t have had the bottle of wine there, but come on; she was hiding it from Peter, not SIMON. She could hardly have imagined it’d be him who’d be necking it, could she? When Peter started ranting-on at her (again) though, she just stood there and took it meekly.

Peter was very magnanimous to admit to Leanne that it wasn’t their ‘finest moment’, but this is NOT our Carla Connor. I hardly recognise her, and at one point she almost pleaded with him. What?

“Well, aren’t you going to reassure me?” she asked hopefully.

“I’ve just reassured you, and – if you want the God’s honest truth – I could do without this self-pity right at this minute,” he snapped back angrily.

“Well, that’s me told, innit?” she replied, stunned.

Sorry Peter, but you were wrong (again) there. Carla’s not self-pitying. I wish she WAS, because she might just open her eyes and realise how you’re destroying her in every way. She even asked him if he wanted her to leave. The old Carla would have TOLD him she was leaving and rattled the door almost off its hinges as she slammed her way out.

She slunk out of there as if she was both ashamed and responsible for it all. “Everyone was happy, and I come in, depending on you … tempting you away,” she stumbled. Depending on him?

Carla’s never depended on anyone (except herself) in her life before now. She even excused Peter’s behaviour to Ken by saying, “Me and Peter had words last night. He had too much on his mind so I left him to it and went to Michelle’s.”

Went to Michelle’s.

#Carchelle Corner

Now why didn’t we see THAT bit, aye? Hands up who wanted to see Carla banging on Michelle’s door and falling into her arms sobbing, then watch Michelle gently stroking Carla’s hair as she recounted what had happened? (I haven’t got a photo of that, so this one will have to do!)

Michelle could have told her that Peter was a pig and that she was far too good for him and … oh, I’d better stop now. My writer’s imagination’s kicking-in again and who knows what’d happen once I got started!

We had no Michelle again this week, so I sincerely hope we see the pair of them this coming week. They’re best friends, and your best friend’s always there for you when you need them, aren’t they?

Do you think she might have been thinking about/wishing she was with Michelle here (as she stood in the hospital wondering how much worse it could get)?

Carchelle Comments:

I’m getting excellent feedback and some very kind comments as to how much you’re all enjoying Carla/Carchelle Corner. I won’t post them on here, but I want you to know that I’m making a note of them all in a little book and will look through them every time I have a day when I wonder what the hell I’m doing and why am I not out there earning a living!

@MrsConnorsLegs: Thank Carla that today is over. Off ‘ome to crack open that bottle o’ red that Mrs C hid in t’cupboard. (Don’t you just love that: Thank Carla!)

@AliKingLove: Peter needs to seriously reject Carla’s idea to have a baby. He can’t even look after the child he’s got. And I love Carla, but a child who has her and Peter as parents doesn’t stand a chance. *disaster*

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  1. Katie-Annie July 16, 2012 at 6:41 pm #

    i think peter would probably grow up abit if carla and peter have a baby which may also reduce their chances of reaching for the bottle plus i think that it would be a great story line as there is no doubt that carla can provide a great life for her child as she does own her factory .. it would be ace and probably increase popularity because everyone will be talking about it everywhere. :)

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