Carla Corner – 20th May 2012


It’s sod’s law that I hit on the idea of Carla Corner JUST as she disappeared from our screens, and we’ve had another Carla-less week this week. It’s hard to cope without our heroine, so hopefully Carla Corner will help keep us going until she returns (which is going to be this week, by the look of it; yay)!

I was thinking about what to write today, and it struck me that even when she’s not in it, Twitter’s still full of Carla-talk: all day, every day. There’s not a single other Soap character who commands such devotion among their fans, and the fact that they’re nearly all women certainly says a lot.

What is it about this one woman that elicits such adoration? This is a Soap character after all – not a global superstar singer or movie star. I’d love your thoughts this week on why YOU think Carla is so special. After all; there’s lots of beautiful actresses out there (many of them in Soaps), but none of them get the same attention as our Mrs Connor. Tell me ‘what does it’ for you, and I’ll include it next week.

What did you think of that YouTube video from last week? I’d love your thoughts on that too. I don’t want Carla Corner to just be my thoughts. (You know what I think!) This is a page for Carla fans everywhere, and I want it to be a place where you can comment (or start a discussion), knowing that other Carla fans will see it.

The difference between Carla Corner and Twitter is that Twitter’s so fast-moving it’s very easy to miss something, whereas if you leave a comment on here it’ll still be here two days later!

Here’s this Week’s Comments:

Carchellelove loved the video & says: “The relationship is brilliant, and it just has to happen! Isn’t the producer of Corrie gay, himself? If he can’t see that the relationship would be the making of them, then he needs to step down and let us take over!

“I also noticed all of the evidence you’ve mentioned, because I’ve been keeping a mental note of it myself! I thought I was the only Carchelle fan in the world, but since joining Twitter, I’ve realised that it isn’t just me! That made made so happy. This blog is brilliant and Carla Corner is a fantastic idea!(I love the name, too, by the way!)”

S. Maz says: Carla’s “Just too beautiful & gorgeous for words,” and is missing her.

Ellie says: “I am a straight female who has a bit of a crush on Carla Connor. Half of it is personality admiration (with how feisty & confident she is) & the other half is that she is pretty damn GORGEOUS.”

Alex Rose Claridge says: “I am so excited about the arrival of Carla Corner and it will definitely be a big hit when word spreads around the Aliettes about it. Carla is my favourite character in Corrie and along with many others. I, too, have a bit of a crush on her, haha!”

Thanks to everyone who contributed, and to read last week’s comments in full, just scroll down to the bottom of last week’s Carla Corner.

Carla and Michelle #Carchelle

Many Carla fans have now joined me in my wish to see her and Michelle get together (#Carchelle on Twitter). It would make a sensational ‘rating-winning’ storyline, and there are so many tiny little clues/seeds that could be traced-back to support its credibility that I truly hope the storyliners consider picking-up on it (assuming they haven’t already!).

Their close friendship (closer than you’d expect: which is why I first started mentioning it in my Corrie Corner posts all those months ago now), may turn into something deeper, and as more and more previously ‘straight’ women begin relationships with other women, my novel “Just Good Friends?” follows close friends Ruth and Helen as they go through a journey that changes both"Just Good Friends?" the debut novel by Jane Reynolds of their lives forever.

It’s got husbands having affairs – and all the twists and turns you’d expect from a regular chick-lit novel, but in this one, is it the girl who gets the girl in the end?


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