Carla Corner – 27th May 2012

Some happy women about the place this week, as we got to see Carla on both Monday and Friday (yay!), and we got a good look at Carla’s legs too (you can follow @MrsConnorsLegs on Twitter)!

As discussed in Corrie Corner, Peter’s not only behaving like a five-year-old having a strop, but is on his way to losing the job that half the country (or so it seems!), wishes they had: being the actor who gets to snog Carla Connor! People would kill for that chance, but there he is, treating her like dirt … idiot.

I don’t do ‘spoilers’ in my Soapy Corners, but as far as Carla and Peter’s relationship goes, I don’t think there’s any one of us who doesn’t know what’s coming?

I’d read that Peter was going to get back together with Leanne, which – let’s be honest – is what would be best for Simon, but I’ve had to re-write this whole section, as Saturday’s Twitter was full of how both Carla and Peter are having a four-month break (at the same time), and returning with an ‘explosive’ storyline.

This news shocked Carla fans everywhere, and has left me with a lot to think about. It’s the story of my life: my timing’s always wrong. I go and start Carla Corner, then find she’s a) not on screen for its first week, and b) is now about to go completely off-screen for four months. Great …

I’m gutted that they go off together (if that IS what happens, but it certainly looks that way), as it knocks back a year’s worth of waiting, watching and hoping that the Carchelle storyline will develop. All I can hope is that she doesn’t come back pregnant (please, NO: Carla’s character just wouldn’t be the same if she had a baby), and that she comes back to declare her love for Michelle.

Peter and Carla aren’t a good match. She needs to be with someone smart and professional, not a fag-dragging bookie who lives in a ghastly flat ‘above the shop’. It’s just not realistic, but her and Michelle

Leanne didn’t give birth to Simon, but who couldn’t NOT admit to going, “Aah,” when Simon told the Interviewer that he’d already lost one mum and didn’t want to lose another? Bless.

Of course, Carla’s made a fatal mistake in offering Leanne money. The sad thing is that she was doing it for the right reasons, as she wants Simon to be with his ‘mum’ (for his sake, and not because she just wants rid of her – or him).

Carla’s the first to admit that she hasn’t got a maternal bone in her body, and knows it’s better for Simon to be with his mum. Trouble is, Peter just seems to think that everything will be alright in time, but it never will be. It’d be different if Peter had had the affair with a ‘mumsy’ character who’d have relished the chance to take him on and really bonded with him, but Carla is NOT that woman!

“Tell me: have you ever had a real feeling in your whole life?” Leanne sneered.

Of course she has, but Carla’s a complex character whose dark, smouldering looks exemplify her whole persona, and she’s simply not (and never will be), a ‘yummy mummy’. Not every woman is deigned to be a mother.

HOW emotional (some might say sexy), was the way she cried, “Oh, Peter,” when he told her what Simon had said to the woman in the interview?

Carla and Michelle #Carchelle

As for activities on the Carchelle front this week, the MOST thrilling bit for me was the tweet I received from none-other than Kym Marsh herself last Wednesday night.

I’d sent her a tweet that afternoon with a link to this post, but not only didn’t I even imagine that she’d be bothered to read it, but certainly never expected her to actually take the time and trouble to reply!

It must be difficult being a celebrity when it comes to Twitter/Facebook etc, because as well as the people you know/follow yourself, you also have thousands of fans who now have a ‘direct line’ to you, which obviously creates an awful lot of ‘stuff’ for you to have to plough through, and with the best will in the world, you can’t read/reply to everything.

That is why it was such an honour to not only even get a reply, but for her to say that she liked it and that she would show it to Ali, totally made my day!

You’ll probably know that nobody pays me for writing my Soapy Corners (unfortunately), so a kind word really helps me feel as if what I’m doing isn’t a complete waste of my time, and that all my work gently hinting at the suggestion of them getting together over this last year via my Corrie Corner blogs wasn’t something that only I thought was a good idea!

I know that so many of you readers out there are totally with me on this storyline, and just HOW good would it be if it ended up coming true?

As for this week’s events: they looked very cosy – huddled-up together in the Rovers, didn’t they? If I walked into a bar and saw two women sitting as close as that I’d definitely assume that they were a couple, wouldn’t you, and how fast did Michelle move to follow her as she ran out after her altercation with Leanne?

They make a fine-looking couple, don’t they? Both head-turningly attractive women on their own, but together … let’s all have a big sigh now, please!

Their close friendship (closer than you’d expect: which is why I first started mentioning it in my Corrie Corner posts all those months ago now), may turn into something deeper, and as more and more previously ‘straight’ women begin relationships with other women, my novel “Just Good Friends?” follows close friends Ruth and Helen as they go through a journey that changes both of their lives forever."Just Good Friends?" the debut novel by Jane Reynolds

It’s got husbands having affairs – and all the twists and turns you’d expect from a regular chick-lit novel, but in this one, is it the girl who gets the girl in the end?


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