Carla Corner – 3rd June 2012

I know Alison King’s not on Twitter, but I wonder if she knows just how much of a female following she’s got? Well, we got quite a lot of Mrs C this week, didn’t we girls (including a lovely shot of the Connor derriere), but it wasn’t all good.

Was anyone else concerned and upset to see Peter shouting at her like she was some sort of naughty schoolgirl, and for her to be … yes, apologising. Not giving ‘as good as she got’, but actually apologising to him.

She looked pretty nervous (dare I say scared?), at one point, and considering she was only trying to do it to help Simon, I think Peter was SO far out of order in his behaviour as to be across the road on the opposite side of the street!

I’ve said it before, but Carla would have NEVER let a man talk to her like that normally; she’d have been out of there before you could say ‘Large red, please’, so why on earth does she tolerate it from him?

It was only when she got away from the greasy little bookie and stode back into the factory that we actually recognised her (behaviour-wise) again, and turned-on the Connor charm to her client.

“You sound like a Bond villain,” he dribbled.

“Oh, much more ruthless,” she replied, oozing seduction!

That’s more like it! Carla’s the Queen of her Castle, and reminded the girls in no uncertain terms.

“I want everybody out there to know that I’m not to be messed with,” she told them straight.

I SO want to see her tear strips off Curse-ty and then sack her, because she’s a disruptive influence – and nasty with it. “The way she spoke to me!” she gasped in amazement.

Huh. She was lucky Carla didn’t sling her straight out the door. She only works in packing for God’s sake, and she’s only been there  five minutes, yet she’s acting as if she’s the flippin’ Shop Steward. Come on Carla; wipe that smarmy smile off her face for us, please.

#Carchelle Corner (Like it?!)

Yummy. Michelle’s new hairstyle seemed to be channelling Lip Service’s DS Sam Murray this week, and HOW hot did they look walking down the road together?

Michelle is very protective over Carla. You’ll have seen this many times (if you’ve been watching closely!), in the way she’s always by Carla’s side ready to step in and stand up for her/support her.

It’s just what you’d want from your partner, and if I was writing the Carchelle storyline, Carla would come back from her break in bits (having separated from Peter); feel she couldn’t trust a man again; Michelle would comfort her, and (led by Michelle – who’d realised just how much she’d missed her/really felt for her while having to cope with Ryan on her own), one thing would lead to another as they realised their feelings for each other were more than just friendship.

Once they got together, it would be Michelle who’d be the ‘strong’ one while Carla came to terms with it all emotionally, then they’d live at Carla’s flat and run the factory as a strong and powerful professional lesbian couple and would live happily ever after (or until one of them left the show – which hopefully wouldn’t be for years).

Like that? Me too! I can see it all in my head, and what a storyline it would be!

Anyway Carchelle-lovers … back to reality.

Peter came in while they were ringing-round for staff and started getting all uppity because Carla hadn’t told him what was going on. “Do you tell me when there’s a Steward’s Enquiry at Fontwell?” she enquired. Exactly. It’s not your business Peter, it’s theirs, so butt out.

Carla would have realised she had to offer Eileen her job back without you telling her mate, but did you see how she looked over for Michelle’s approval before saying yes to Peter’s suggestion? They’re the team: Carchelle!

Having gone over to the Rovers to meet with the girls Carla had the last laugh (literally) in the end, when she walked out and left them all stood there. That was a laugh and a half, and a fitting place to end the week.

Let’s hope we get lots of #Carchelle next week. It’s certainly bringing a whole new dimension to Corrie for thousands of female fans up and down the UK!

Carchelle Comments:

A nice comment from S.Maz: “I had to write on this again, and if Ali does read these comments: you are so beautiful and gorgeous and so is Kym, and together you are both really hot.” xx

I also found a tweet this week that I’d saved on 23rd April. @AliKingLove says: “I love my Nan! She’s not watched Corrie in years. Carla and Michelle scene at the end and she asks if they are Corrie’s lesbians! OMG.”

 Well, there’s proof that it’s not just us who can see it!

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