Carla Corner – 2nd December 2012

Just a little taster for you:

Carla’s back in the next few days, but Twitter’s been on fire with a photo of Ali and Kym kissing at an Awards ceremony last weekend.

I’m not using that photo. I prefer this one (as I love the look on their faces), but the reason I’ve done this little taster is because I just wanted to ponder the fact that a) two actresses are choosing to be photographed holding hands and kissing each other full on the lips and b) it’s been reproduced so often since and talked about so much in the media.

Doesn’t this just go to show how Lipstick lesbianism is now seen as such a ‘fashionable’ and accepted part of life today that two major Soap actresses would think nothing of kissing each other in public?

From the very first time I ever wrote about Carla’s tenderness and demonstrable affection towards Michelle I’ve suggested and hoped that the Coronation Street writers would someday bring them together as a lesbian couple.

My detective work pointing out all the little looks and touches etc has gained considerable support among Carla fans (hence Carla Corner for a start!), and seeing Ali and Kym in shots like the one above only add credence to my case.

Putting these two together as a couple would (in my opinion) be one of Coronation Street’s biggest-ever storylines and a certain ratings-winner for ITV. To me it’s a no-brainer. Both have been constantly let down by one loser bloke after another and – as best friends – they’re closer to each other than to anyone else in the world.

What’s about to happen?

I’ve read on Twitter this weekend that Carla might only be back for a week and then be off again. I’m certainly hoping that’s NOT the case, as – after five (well-deserved) months away, we’re desperate to have her back (and to send Rob packing, with a bit of luck), and it might be all too much for Carla fans to take if she legged it again so soon.

We’ll have to see what happens there, but I think we’re all clear as to what’s about to happen when they DO arrive back on Monday 10th December. There will be a full Carla Corner on 16th December. Only eight days to go until we get to see her again …

PS If you love the thought of Carla and Michelle getting together then you might like to put my novel ‘Just Good Friends?’ on your Christmas list. It’s the story of close friends Ruth and Helen, whose drunken kiss leads to a whole lot more and is available as a paperback on Amazon and to download on all eReader formats (and at a new, low price of only £2.99!)


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  1. Georgia December 10, 2012 at 2:06 pm #

    I have just seen the filming pictures for tyrone and kirsty’s wedding on digital spy and ali is in the background of them suggesting that even if she does leave again she must be coming back before february.

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