Comedy Corner 24th July 2011

Ooh, it’s been a while since we’ve had a Comedy Corner, so here’s a little one today.  It would have been longer but I ran out of time, but what I haven’t fitted in today is already half-done for next week.

I’ve got to tell you about Alan Carr.  I listen to his radio show ‘Going Out With Alan Carr’ 6-8 pm Saturdays on BBC Radio 2.  In fact, if I can’t listen to it I record it – that’s how good it is.  I love (and am so envious of), people who just can open their mouth and talk non-stop, but have you in stitches!  Alan Carr is one of them.

Along with his regular hysterical (in a good way!) co-presenter Melanie Sykes, he just rambles on for two hours, and in the middle of it plays some cracking ‘going out’ music too

Hartley Hare/Alan Carr

Alan Carr

This week he had me in hysterics as he realised how he bore an uncanny resemblance to the character Hartley Hare from the children’s TV Series Pipkins (which ran in the UK from 1973 – 1981).

Hartley Hare/Alan Carr

Hartley Hare

I remember this show, and hated this puppet as he was really creepy and had a scary voice … nothing at all like Alan, of course!

He’s got a huge following, and if you listen-in you’ll hear why.  There’s everything from his ‘Mincer’s Leg’ and his lazy spleen, to ‘Carr-oake‘ (where he ‘sings’ a song with a member of the public).  Thank God they play a few records inbetween the banter, or we’d all be needing an oxygen mask by the end!

Last night I was out for a walk (more of a slow crawl), and was laughing so much that people were looking at me funny in the Park (mind you, that’s normal).  It doesn’t half relieve the agonising tedium of exercising.  Do listen-in if you like a laugh!


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