Foodie Corner – Sunday 24th July 2011

Tesco Finest King Prawn Spaghetti - Jane Reynolds' Foodie CornerHere’s a quick Foodie Corner.  It’s been a while!

I had to nip to Tesco unexpectedly on Thursday teatime, and suddenly felt like having a treat.  I usually go and look along the ready-meal shelves to see if there’s anything wonderfully exciting, but there rarely is, especially in the pastas (which I KNOW will always disappoint me), but then I saw this.

Ignoring the fat/calorie content, I popped it straight in my basket.  I don’t normally buy ready meals, and defininitely wouldn’t buy ANY with spaghetti in (because they all use this weird type of spaghetti that looks like children’s bootlace licorice and has a right funny texture), but I was buying it for the sauce, and I must say – it delivered.

It was rich, creamy and you could REALLY taste the fishy-ness of it.  If they sold this sauce as just a pasta sauce, they’d have an absolute winner!

Despite it being out of stock twice this week (I’ve literally been in to Tesco on my way to my office three times in total just to get them), I finally got some yesterday.  These are my new favourite toasted item.  They’re so ‘stodgy’ (but it a good way!), completely delicious, and no chemicals/additives either.

They also had some wonderful bagels a couple of weeks ago, from ‘The Natural Bagel Company’, but – as is usually the case in Supermarkets – they had them in for two weeks and now there’s no sign of them any more.

There’s no point in asking as I know I’ll get the same response: “There wasn’t any demand for them.”  Of course there’s no demand – if you don’t have them …  It infuriates me when this happens.  Not everyone wants to eat bread-type products which are full of chemicals  (which is one of the reasons those soda bagels are so good).  When will the Supermarkets offer a regular, reliable alternative to the mass-produced rubbish?

In their defence, all Supermarkets offer some good things, but all too often, they get something nice in and then stop doing it – citing lack of sales as the reason.  Just get more stock, keep them in stock, and give them a PROPER trial.  Foodies will get to know they’re there, and then you’ll sell even more!

While I’m on a rant: wraps.  Have you SEEN the amount of chemicals in ALL the wrap-type products in Supermarkets?  Mono di-glycieride this, Emulsifier that.  Why do these things need to be in there? Sainsbury’s used to do a (chemical-free) Organic wrap but … you’ve guessed it; they discontinued them earlier this year.  Can’t anyone produce a tortilla wrap-type item that’s not full of chemicals?

You CAN get really thin, soft breads in some Farmers Markets/Foodie/Health/Asian shops, but not where I live.  Come on Supermarkets, give us something chemical-free!

Here’s a really quick way of topping fine green beans.  I’d seen Jamie Oliver do it with a pack of something and as I had two packs to do last weekend, thought I’d give it a try.  Result!

Simply shake the pack so that the ends with the stem on are all level, then lay it on a board and simply slice straight through.  So simple!  It took less than a minute to do both packs, as opposed to a good five or so by having to do them in little batches as I’d normally have done.


“Thanks for that tip Jamie.”

“S-awright, darling.”

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