Corrie Corner – 7th December 2012

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(How much are we all enjoying the new sponsor’s ads? Those cute little meerkats are so funny. When you look forward to seeing an advert I guess it means that a campaign’s clearly hitting some sort of mark!)

No ‘Daddy David’ or ‘Daddy Duckworth’, but we’re going to be seeing ‘Daddy Peter’ back next week. That’ll put the Ca … rla among the pigeons!

After last week’s high drama with Curse-ty, this week provided a bit of light relief, starting with Norris having a little dig at Dennis over his attempts to get a job. Some lovely writing – like when Dennis was on the phone to Rita while waiting for his interview:

Rita: “You’ll just have to be patient love. They’ll get to you eventually.”

Norris: “They’ll get a shock when they do.”

Norris hit on the perfect job for Dennis: a Christmas decoration ‘putter-upper-and-downer’, enabling him to have eleven months of the year off ‘to get over it’. Laugh out loud stuff!

‘Comedy Steve’ got in on the act too, and delighted in teasing him in front of Rita.

Dennis: “You don’t take the stick home with you.”

Steve: “Ah, ‘stick’, is it? Oh, you TMOs; you love your jargon, don’t you?”

Look; don’t look

They all love a good gossip too, and when Tina collapsed in the street, she quickly drew a crowd. Emily suggested that they shouldn’t stand there gawping, but that was when Dr Carter was checking her over, so they must have already been there a good few minutes, as someone would have had to either ring or go and find him in the Medical Centre and for him to then have made his way over there. That must have taken a good few minutes – at least?

It all got too much for Tommy, and he tried to persuade Tina to have an abortion for the sake of their relationship (rather than thinking about Gary and Izzie), but she felt guilty/obliged.

“I really like them,” she tried to explain.

“I really like Rita and Dennis, but I wouldn’t have a baby for them,” Tommy retorted reasonably. (Ha. I’d like to see him try!).

Who’s the daddy? Not you, son

Ooh, it’s a hard one, this. How awful must it have been for Tommy to have everyone to congratulating him and calling him Daddy Duckworth – knowing that it wasn’t his baby? We knew it wouldn’t be long before Norris spilled the beans though, didn’t we, and it proved to be the last straw for Tommy.

No Daddy David either – as Kylie’s pill-taking was discovered by Gail.

David had booked a Hotel room for them to go and make a baby in, but Kylie was working – which didn’t go down well. We had a bit of Appropriate/Inappropriate Music in the Background as the guitarist sang Take That’s ‘Tonight Could Be the Greatest Night of Our Lives’ in the background behind them while they were arguing about it in the Bistro. Ah, it could have been. It wasn’t …

David was still going on about it the next day; telling Kylie that the room had an en-suite etc and a trouser press, which led to this exchange:

Kylie: “Will you shut up about that hotel. What would we need a trouser press for anyway?”

David: “Pressing trousers … “

Kylie: “Well that won’t get us far, will it?”

Lovely stuff – again – from the writers, and it’ll be interesting to see where this one goes. Most women manage to combine work and motherhood these days (through necessity, usually), but Kylie’s got the advantage of being a Soap mother, so wouldn’t even have to worry about her baby’s whereabouts for most of the year! (Where IS Hope, by the way: ‘away’ with Kevin’s Jack somewhere?)

We ended the week with David, Kylie, Tommy and Tina all feeling very sorry for themselves. What will happen next? Hey. We all know what’s happening next week, don’t we? Yes. At last. Finally, it’s … Carla, back on the cobbles, but for how long?

I’ve tried not to read any spoilers, but some people are saying that she’s going to be heading straight off again. After five months without her I’m not sure we could cope with that, to be honest.

There’ll be a full ‘Carla Corner’ post next week for all you #Carchelle/Ali fans out there. Ooh, I can’t WAIT for Monday night. Leanne’s face will be an absolute picture!

I can’t see what anyone sees in that fag-dragging bookie myself but (as I always say), ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, and that just brings us back to Carla …

Kylie gets a Good Drinking From a Mug Award; Steve and Lloyd both get Bad Drinking From a Mug Awards (for their efforts outside the cab office) and here’s our Grins of the Week:

David: “Have you not gone to work yet?”

Kylie: “Yeah. I left about ten minutes ago.”

Stella (to Tina): “Go home and take the weight off your gob.”

Kylie: “Who knows how long it could take me to get pregnant?”

Gail: “An awfully long time if you’re still on the pill.”

David: “Ooh, what have I stumbled on here?”

Tina: “I’m renting my womb: form a queue.”

Sally: “I hope you don’t mind, but I just wanted to say—”

Owen: “I thought you might.”

Norris: “She told you and didn’t tell me?”

Rita: “Well, unlike some people, I’m not Rent-A-Gasbag.”

Tina: “Bog off, David.”

Kylie (finding out that David had been telling Max he was going to have a sibling): “Wait till I get hold of that skinny little Platt.”


* I was thinking: if Ruby’s anything like her mother, Tyrone’s going to have to wear full body armour once she starts throwing her toys out of her pram …

* Max’s hair; bless!

* Please send Rob to open another branch of Underworld in Preston (via the Isle of Wight). He just hasn’t got a clue how to run a business. Fancy sacking Fiz like that. He supposedly ‘learned’ management on a course in Prison. He’s got no experience but acts like he knows it all. He doesn’t. They don’t need him. Carla’s the boss. Get her and Michelle back running the place together. ‘Two’s company’, Rob, ok? Take a hint.

* Faye asked Tina about her bleached teeth. Tina looked as if she’d just come back from spending a fortnight on a sunbed this week, which made her ultra-white pegs look even more dazzling than normal.

* £7.80 for 20 fags and a Weatherfield Gazette? That’s what Rita charged Steve. Are cigarettes really that expensive? If they are, why would Steve/anyone still smoke? Jaw-dropping.

* Why is Tommy working outside the garage in the dark in Winter in just a T-shirt? Silly boy.

* Talking of meerkats – Corrie’s got its own Nickkat:

* Funny how everyone’s Christmas decorations suddenly just appear overnight in Soaps. You never see anyone actually putting them up …

* Where was Lewis on Friday night? He and Gail had gone out to dinner together (with him in a wheelchair), and he’s currently living with her, so why did she come home on her own?

* Tina’s fridge has got a dodgy light. The first time David opened it (HOW much beer was in there, btw?) there was no light on, and the second time it was on, but was blue. Blue?


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  1. Lynn December 13, 2012 at 5:00 am #

    I’m worried about Tyrone and was hoping to read some good news. Every so often, Corrie has a storyline that fascinates me, such as the Richard Hillman or Curly and Raquel narratives. The Tyrone/Kirsty scenario is another — I’m on edge waiting for it to be resolved.

    I won’t be happy to see Carla return, she reminds me of a cold blooded reptile. Pretty of course, with beautiful high cheekbones, but reptilian, nevertheless.

    I like Rob, he reminds me of Mike Baldwin, but easier on the eyes and not quite as irritating yet.

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