Corrie Corner – 29th July 2012

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Curse-ty and Stella are rat-eyed, Sunita’s doe-eyed (but was a rat to have stitched Karl up), and there was a bit of a cat fight on the cobbles.

Stella’s been at her ‘rat-eyed’ best this week. That woman’s got a stare to chill blood, and there’s been some great lines too.

“She threw herself at me. I didn’t know what to do,” Karl stuttered when Charlie’s Angels walked in on him.

“You formed a pretty quick idea,” Leanne remarked acidly.

“Coming into work with them … airbags on display. I think we all should have twigged,” Eva added in disgust.

Stella gave him a piece of her mind, threw him out, then stomped round to give Sunita both barrels – watched by half the Street. Ooh, you can’t beat a Corrie cat fight, and this one was right up there!

“Draped all over him like a Reader’s Wife. Well, let me tell you, you giddy bitch, I’ve seen your type before, and it does not end well for you,” Stella screamed after dragging Sunita out of the house by her hair.

You can say that again. After spending the night in a cab, it didn’t take Karl long to realise he had nowhere else to go so he turned up at Sunita’s and suddenly found himself ‘step-dad’ to her kids. Like Carla, Karl’s also not the sort who’ll be happy with family trips to the park and nights in front of the TV, and I can’t see him hanging around for long.

Enjoy it while it lasts, Sunita

Poor, deluded Sunita’s in heaven, but she set it all up by deleting Stella’s text. Will that come out, I wonder? As for Dev: he’s bleating on about how much he loves her the whole time, but actions speak louder than words, and he’s always treated Sunita more like a pet than a partner.

Where will it end though? Stella really shouldn’t take him back this time, and neither should Dev, but I guess they’ll both forgive and forget in time.

I’m loving Leanne and Eva’s bickering. They’re like a couple of real sisters, and Eva’s right: Stella does always take Leanne’s side!

Ticking-over, and ticking time bombs

As I mentioned in my Emmerdale-y blog, Soap storylines all seem to be just ‘ticking-along’ a bit for the next couple of weeks (while the Olympics are on and many people are away), with nothing major coming to a head.

It’s been great to see Kylie back this week (with some great lines on the Switch), and it’s been not so great to see Curse-ty simmering with rage (and God knows what else) over Tyrone merely talking to Fiz.

“Oh, no. She’s smiling,” I thought to myself in horror on Friday. She’s probably more scary when she smiles than when she scowls, that one!

I don’t like to talk about what’s coming up, but read this week that Tyrone’s sticking with Curse-ty because he ‘loves’ her and is so desperate to have a child of his own. That’s SO wrong – on every level – as surely if you’ve got Curse-ty’s behaviour traits you’re not suddenly going to turn into Mary Poppins as soon as you have a baby, are you?

Where will it end? The first time she puts Tyrone in hospital (as I’m sure she will one day), has to surely be the final nail in the coffin for that relationship?

Baby blues – again – this week

We got to see the inside of a hospital this week as Izzy lost her baby. Bless. She and Gary have acted this out really sensitively. I do hope they have a little baby sometime down the road, but (as we saw with Julie only a few weeks ago) we don’t always get to have a happy ending, do we?

We’re not going to have a happy ending with Ryan, are we? He’s SO pushing his luck, and if – like Lloyd said – Steve wasn’t trying to get Michelle into bed, there’s no way he’d still have his job at Street Cars. This is just the start of it though …

We had a lot of Appropriate/Inappropriate Music in the Background with Dusty Springfield’s ‘I don’t know what to do with myself’ as Sean moped over Marcus (and lots more that I couldn’t name!), and Dev gave me my Line of the Week as he virtually ‘slavered’ at Sunita: “Playing hard to get? Yowser!”

Some lovely comic writing this week, and here’s our Grins of the Week:

Sunita: “White wine please.”

Karl: “Small or large?”

Sunita: “A bottle.”

Mary (after the concert): “I don’t think I’ve ever been so moved by a wind section.”

Karl: “Bit harsh, weren’t you?”

Stella: “If I’d wanted your opinion I’d dial ‘Rent an Idiot’.”

Roy: “How are you?”

Mary: “Like mother says: ‘musn’t grumble’, although that’s never stopped her. No, I imagine only death will be able to achieve that.”


* Did you hear Rob call the factory girls ‘My lot’? They’re not ‘your’ lot mate, they’re Carla’s lot, and don’t you forget it.

* Lucky that Aadi and Asha just happened to be ‘away’ when it all kicked off. Where?

* Why do so many low-paid characters in Soaps wear clothes (especially T-shirts) that are clearly designer and would be way out of their budget?


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