Corrie Corner – 10th June 2012

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Curse-ty saves the world … oh no, that’s next week; Maria thinks the world of Marcus, and Dev’s world’s falling apart.

The nightmare continues. Last week Curse-ty became the factory girls’ new best friend, and this week single-handedly mobilised half of Weatherfield’s coppers into action in order to nail Tommy’s loan shark. If one phonecall was all it took, why on earth didn’t somebody get on the blower sooner?

And why was she strutting around the place looking as if she was co-ordinating the whole event? She’s an EX WPC, not Curse-ty of the Yard, and now she’s a knicker-packer in a factory, so what was she even DOING there?

Never mind that though, it’s the fact that Tommy and Tina now think the sun shines out of her too that’s getting to me, and does this mean that when Tyrone DOES end up in hospital after she’s battered him they’ll all go, “Oh, Ty, we can’t believe it of her. Are you sure you’re not mistaken?”

I’m gutted, I really am. I thought we’d have seen the back of her by now, but she’s gradually worming her way into everyone’s affections and – like fungus – she’s growing on them.

Pity Tommy and Tina didn’t see her ripping into him after they left. “Sometimes I don’t know why I’m with you. You’re so spineless. You let people walk all over you. You’re hardly a good judge of character, are you?” she shouted at poor Ty.

“No, obviously not,” he retorted. (Oops!)

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she screeched.

What do you THINK it means, love? God, she’s SO on the edge, and so am I when I watch her.

All the Best Ones are Either Married or Gay …

Tyrone should have stayed with Maria. Poor soul, she’s still single, but is she about to set her cap at Marcus? I’m watching this with interest. They had the ‘best date ever’ this week, and would make a great couple apart from one teensy thing …

Marcus is gay, but just as ‘straight’ people can turn gay, it can also work in reverse. Love doesn’t respect boundaries. The sex of the person isn’t the defining factor. It’s the person themselves, and these two have got such a lot in common they’d make a lovely couple, but knowing Maria’s luck with men it won’t end well, will it?

Hey. Dev Might be On The Market Soon, Maria

Something that’s unlikely to end well is Sunita and Karl’s affair. Dev might be a (insert own rude word of choice here!), but he’s not completely stupid. He knows Sunita’s having an affair, and her smashing her phone only added more weight to his suspicions. At least she’ll be able to buy herself a new one out of her ‘savings’, but it was a bit daft to have just stuck all that cash in a cupboard, wasn’t it?

“Where did it come from?” Dev asked her.

“I do have a job,” she reminded him.

“Yeah, but as what? A Banker?” he replied incredulously.

I want to feel sorry for Dev, but I’m only surprised that she hasn’t had an affair sooner. He’d drive me crazy in a week, but it’s Karl who’s the crazy one for having started it in the first place.

His face was a picture when he walked in and saw Sunita sat there with Stella, and now that Sunita appears to have left Dev, what’s coming next? Why did he come back anyway? I’d have got my money’s worth and made a night of it with dinner, a nice bottle of wine and a really good sleep in a nice comfy bed!

Lies, lies, lies, but Rita’s finally made an honest man of Dennis. Didn’t he look dashing in his suit? He was all polished and looked positively glowing (as would anyone marrying an older woman who was stashed, I suspect?), but I was disappointed that Norris didn’t declare his luurve for her at the alter.

I caught a few bits of Appropriate/Inappropriate Music in the Background with the Buzzcocks‘ ‘Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t Have Fallen in Love With)?’ playing, and relevant lines from Queen’s ‘I Want to Break Free’ too – as Karl and Sunita flirted up and down the street at the Jubilee party. I suspect there were more too, but I couldn’t hear them all!

Lewis (of all people!), gets a Bad Drinking From a Mug Award, and it’s all been a bit serious this week so we’re a bit light on our Grins of the Week. We need a bit of Tracy, Steve and Beth!

Stella: “I don’t want a repeat of Scarborough.”

Karl: “I did not nick that donkey.”

Stella: “It was found in your room.”

Sean: “Oh, Roy. Tell me you’ll save my life.”

Roy: “Hayley and I are qualified First Aiders.”

Norris: “I wasn’t gloating – it was just a smug grin.


* Crikey, it’s Liz McDonald!

* Who paid for Karl and Sunita’s hotel room? He hasn’t got any money and she wasn’t there. Did she pay in advance on a credit card? Wouldn’t take Dev long to find that out …

* Why did Dennis and Rita get a 6.00 pm train to Southampton? They wouldn’t arrive until 10.30 at night. That’s far too late to be arriving anywhere. They certainly couldn’t check into their ship, and who’d want to be wasting money going to a hotel at that time of night? It’s hardly worth unpacking!

* Roy in the Bistro: “Do you have Dandelion and Burdock?” Bless!


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