Corrie Corner – 2nd September 2012

(I won’t be doing my Thursday & Friday radio Soap spots this week as I’m away working, but they’ll be back next week – along with my new live internet radio show.) 

Rob’s busy hitting Ryan and hitting on Stella; Tyrone hit out at Tommy and Tina, and Curse-ty hasn’t hit anyone for a week.

It didn’t take Sunita long to start despairing of Karl – or for him to start feeling henpecked. “All right, all right. Spare us the 12 inch version,” he sighed as she encouraged him to look at the jobs page. The second he even mentioned those smoke alarms you knew Dev’s money would be going up in smoke – and so it did. I can’t see this relationship lasting much longer, can you?

Henpecked Tyrone’s so desperate to be loved that he’ll hang in there no matter what Curse-ty throws at him (literally), and she’s so manipulative that she even managed to convince everyone that Tommy and Tina were the bad guys. Tyrone announcing that Tommy had hidden drugs in customers’ cars didn’t help their cause, but he soon managed to get a new job doing security at a warehouse (er, aren’t they meant to thoroughly check references for that sort of job?).

Stella’s rat-eyed again!

Rob would make a good security guard. Whack ’em over the head and ask questions later. Hopefully he’ll have knocked some sense into Ryan and that his tearful apology to poor old mum Michelle was genuine. Time will tell, and time will tell as to whether Rob’s plan to get to Stella through Eva will work, although judging from her famous ‘rat eyes’ here, I think it’ll be a definite yes!

Speaking of rat eyes … Tracy’s hopes of talking Steve round suffered a bit of a blow when she and Beth saw him moving in with Michelle. “I’m just … um … keeping my powder dry,” she stuttered momentarily, before composing herself and continuing: “If they think I’m going to let them play happy families they’ve got another think coming.” Oh good!

Dutch? Double-dutch, more like

Eileen was in domestic goddess mode this week with her cookery book ‘Authentic Dutch Cooking’. Dutch? Cooking’s double-dutch to her. “I’m doing spiced lamb stew – it’s got lamb in it,” she told Jason.

He probably appreciated the clue, and later on proved that he’s as much of a wine connoisseur as his mum is a cook:

“Here we go – beaujolais. It’s French,” Eileen told him and Maria.

“Isn’t all wine French?” he replied in confusion.

Some Appropriate/Inappropriate Music in the Background this week, with Grover Washington’s Just the Two of Us (‘we can make it if we try’) playing as Rob told Eva he wanted them to make a new start, and Rod Stewart’s Maggie May (‘You made a first class fool out of me’) playing as both Tryone sat talking to Curse-ty and Eva stood talking to Rob in the Rovers.

I loved Maria’s line about why she didn’t want to go to the Red Rec: “The climbing frame’ll be like an ant hill,” and here’s a nice collection of Grins of the Week:

Sunita: “Do you think your pants could make their way into the washing basket occasionally?”

Karl: “Not on their own, no.”

Tracy: “Steve. I need to ask you a favour.”

Steve: “No.”

Tracy: “You don’t know what I’m going to ask yet.”

Steve: “Still no.”

Jason: “Tastes all right to me.”

Eileen: “Well, shoe leather smeared in ketchup’d be alright to you.”

Tommy (to Curse-ty): “I’ve heard of police brutality, but what were you doing: taking your work home with you?”

Tracy (about her interview): “I’m sure to get it.”

Michelle: “Yeah … as long as you’re the only applicant.”

Maria (to Jason): “You are so straight I’m surprised Owen doesn’t use you as a spirit level.

Tracy: “I missed my interview because you wanted to take your slapper of a girlfriend out for a drink?”


Ooh, I’m being a bit pernickity today.

* Why did Rob need to go to his meeting in a jacket and trousers that didn’t match? He’s got other clothes: I’ve seen them.

* Rob said, “You know what ‘Big Sid’s like,” when he was trying to get Michelle to meet the client at the Bistro. Er, how does he know? He’s only been there five minutes, and it was patently clear from Big Sid’s conversation with Michelle that he was a long-established client.

* Not much of a chef at the Bistro if he couldn’t even knock up a ‘diane’ sauce.

* Eileen told Sean she was having dinner. “D’you mean tea?” he asked. She must have done, because she told Jason to come at 6.00 – which is still teatime to most Northern folk, I’ll bet. It certainly was at my Grandma’s in Doncaster when I was a little girl!

* Why hadn’t Aadi and Asha already got new coats and shoes etc ready for going back to school?

* Did Tina really manage to completely reorganise Owen’s office in only two hours? Incredible.

* Hey, isn’t Owen Armstrong a good name for a builder?!


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