Corrie Corner – 27th January 2013

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Curse-ty’s scary; Lewis is scared; Tyrone’s not afraid any more and Rob should be very afraid!

Kirsty SoamesCurse-ty was aghast that Tyrone said he didn’t want to be with her any more. “I hadn’t hit you in over a month. That’s because I was happy,” she cried incredulously – as if that somehow exonerated her behaviour!

Why on earth didn’t Tyrone or Fiz back up their phones though, or make sure there that were copies of the photos of Ty’s injuries somewhere?

Yes, ok, it wouldn’t be much a storyline if they had, but it’s still a cracking storyline, isn’t it?

When you want to chuck your TV remote at the screen, or sit there chuntering to yourself about how wicked someone is then you know they’re playing a great part, and Curse-ty’s certainly doing that.

Even Ruby’s hair’s scared

The most unbelievable thing though, is seeing the people who’ve known Tyrone for years taking her side over his, especially Eileen, who was in a similar situation herself with FP’s wife Lesley attacking HER not so very long ago. There’s barely a character in Soapland who hasn’t been wrongly accused of something at some point but (like with childbirth) they soon forget, don’t they?

Ruby baldRuby HairCurse-ty and Tyrone both seem to have forgotten that their baby had a full head of hair last week but is as bald as a coot this week. Talk about being affected by your situation. What with living in that war zone and all that carry on in the Church, little Ruby’s hair will be growing back white at this rate!

It’s all looking like pretty compelling evidence against Tyrone, but just how far will Curse-ty go? It’s a shame Fiz wasn’t recording their conversation on Friday night as she’d have had her well and truly ‘banged to rights’, but it’ll be all the sweeter now when she does eventually get found out, as to blatantly lie to the police like that is just terrrible.

Call the Police. Kirsty’s been robbed

Poor Tyrone. Alan Halsall’s played a brilliant part as the bullied partner of a psychopath (and was rightly rewarded for it at the NTAs this week), but you have to question as to why the ‘Best Newcomer’ Award didn’t go to Natalie Gumede. Comparing EastEnders’ Joey’s contribution with that of Curse-ty’s is like trying to compare dust with gold dust.

ChesneyYou can’t, and the only saving grace was that at least Corrie got ‘Best Serial Drama’. Anyway, back to the story.

“Ty is a good man who’s ended up in a terrible situation,” Fiz tried to explain to Ches.

“That is exactly what you said about Stape,” he replied. He’s got a point there!

Poor John. He didn’t mean to become a Serial killer; it just happened, but the difference between him and Tyrone is that John did bump a few people off, whereas the worst Tyrone’s ever done has been to try and defend himself against a monster.

Still, we know that it’ll all come good in the end, but it’s not over yet – not by a long chalk.

Down, Gail, down

Gail & LewisThe same’s true of Gail’s liaison with Lewis. She’s another one being duped by a liar, and is about to borrow against the equity on her house to fly off to Italy with the silver-tongued rogue. Gail’s that sex-starved she’d do anything, and she’s all-but rubbing herself up against him like a frisky pup! Talk about being ‘on heat’, and it looks as if even the ice-cold Jenna might be warming to the idea of a bit of romance with Sophie.

Spring’s coming, and you never know; Jenna might even manage to ‘come out’ before we hear the first cuckoo.

Owen’s dark side came out on Friday when he roughed Faye’s dad up in the street. Poor Tim. He seems like a really nice bloke, and certainly didn’t deserve that. I’m very curious to see where this one goes. Is he a nice bloke, or is there more to him than meets the eye, and does this mean he’ll end up taking Fay(te worse than death) away from Anna?

Lust is in the air

Tracy & RobSomeone who isn’t a nice bloke is Rob, but a ‘match made in hell’ seems to be taking shape nicely this week. Tracy only needs to share the same air as a bloke and she’s dusting off the wedding dress, but wasn’t that some great chemistry between them over the taxi ride, aye?

I loved their scenes together this week (and with Steve, of course). Get the pair of them together, and quick. She’ll walk all over him and he’ll be happy to let her! Ooh, I can’t wait for more. It’ll be hilarious, and speaking of which – here’s our Grins of the Week:

Tracy: If you were a gentleman then you would get out.”

Rob: “If you were a lady, I might think about it.”

Sally: Can I have a word?”

Mandy: “You can have a whole sentence if you want.”


Steve* Steve’s definitely had the same makeover as Peter. He looks positively hunky (very George Clooney). It’s a shame (but lucky for us) that he always spoils it the second he opens his mouth by being a total prat though!

Kirsty* I walked into the kitchen the other day and Loose Women happened to be on and who was on it than none-other than the girl herself. I couldn’t believe how different she looked. SO fresh-faced, and the total opposite of her hard-nosed character.

* The Police ought to borrow Jeremy Kyle’s lie detector kit. That’d soon sort Curse-ty out. Oh, hang on; they’d never let her on: she’s still got all her own teeth!

screamFiz* In the real world, one call to Nick’s supplier would have had those 500 jars of olives back on that van and on their way back to where they came from.

* ‘Ere. You know that painting: Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’?

* Apologies for the lateness of this post. My dad’s needing more and more attention by the day so everything else is just being pushed back, I’m afraid.

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