Corrie Corner – 22nd July 2012

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Leanne’s hedging her bets, all bets are off on whether Sunita and Karl are about to be discovered, and I bet Tyrone wishes he’d got out when he had the chance.

“I  was so frightened,” Curse-ty cried.

Yeah, so was Tyrone when you smashed the house up, love.

They always have an excuse – and they’re always so believable when they apologise afterwards, aren’t they? Curse-ty blamed trashing the place on not having been able to contact Tyrone when she thought she was going into labour, and now she’s convinced herself that he’s having an affair with Fiz.

I wouldn’t blame him. Fiz is looking lovely, and (as I said last week) I’m hoping they get together once Curse-ty’s finally been carted off to a home for the bewildered. How far does she have to go for Tyrone to actually DO something though?

That face (when she saw them talking to each other outside the garage) would have scared even Jack Nicholson! She’s played a brilliant part this week. All credit to her; she scares me to death, but I dread to think what’s coming next. She’s getting worse. Surely this relationship can’t continue?

Bad week for Michelle

Talking of bad relationships .. it seems Michelle’s going to be getting back with Steve – again.

Nope. Don’t want that, and I’m not too keen on the that new Ryan either. The new guy’s playing a good part, but looks way too old for a 20-year-old, and this whole ‘bad boy’ thing just isn’t doing it for me. It’s going to get a lot worse too, which I’m not looking forward to one bit.

How could Carla have gone off and left Michelle to cope with all this on her own? How awful that they left on bad terms too (see Carla Corner for more). Michelle did the right thing in telling Leanne though. She did it as a mother, and because she didn’t want her closest friend to leave with a man that she knew was unsuitable for her.

Leanne’s hedging her bets

Leanne’s had some great lines this week, and you could see she was really enjoying laying-in to Carla. Nick was the latest person to call Peter a selfish pig, and even Rob (who didn’t even know him) told Carla, “The guy’s a loser. Don’t get mixed up in any of it. It can’t end well.” Now … will THAT prove to be a big clue as to what’s going to happen four months down the road, I wonder?

How telling is it that Leanne’s keeping the Bookie’s open too? All ready for Peter to walk back into in November, maybe? Nick’s not happy, and neither was Leanne when she got back from the station with Simon and he told her that they could now be a proper family at last.

We all know what THAT face meant, don’t we? When Ken asked her (for the second time) if she loved Peter, she just changed the subject. Ha. Gypsy-Rose Jane reckons she can see where this one’s heading!

Rob walks in and takes over

Rob seems to have got his feet under Carla’s desk pretty quickly. It reminds me of how both Frank and Tony came in and thought they could just take charge of Underworld. It’s Carla’s business, and I don’t think Rob should be ‘the boss’ of Michelle either, as she’s worked pretty-much as Carla’s partner for ages now. God, if it was down to him, he’d have the place filled with Eva lookalikes.

“I didn’t know you could sew?” Hayley enquired pleasantly when she rolled-in (looking ready for a night out, not a day’s work).

“I can’t, but how hard can it be?” she replied condescendingly. Talk about How to Win Friends & Influence People! 

Rob took his ‘How to Walk in and Take Over a Factory’ degree in the nick, didn’t he? I reckon the book he read must have been written in the 70s, as he’s so patronising towards the girls, and totes loves himself. Goodness knows why: he’s no Carla Connor …

Rob Roy?

It’s been a top week on Corrie. We’ve had it all. Mary’s growing infatuation with Roy’s one to watch (especially now Hayley’s conveniently had to go and tend to her Uncle), and Gail’s been hilarious as she’s tried to muscle-in on Stella for the role of number one ‘step granny’ to Simon.

Anyone else think Rob looks like Roy’s long-lost brother? He looks a lot more like Roy than he does Carla!

The Line of the Week was from Leanne to Carla: “When I was in that morgue I was certain it was Peter. Not because of the tattoos, but because every man you love ends up dead.”

We had a lot of Appropriate/Inappropriate Music in the Background this week (most of which I couldn’t identify). Bob Marley’s ‘Is this Love’ was on the jukebox as Sunita sat looking gloomily at Carl, and Paul Simon’s ‘Call me Al’ was in the background as Ryan tried to get in with the factory gang in the Rovers.

Let’s have our Grins of the Week:

Ken (about Peter): “He’s a recovering alcoholic.”

Leanne: “Yeah, without the ‘recovering’ bit.”

Beth (about Peter and Carla): “What’s the betting they’re both in rehab?”

Ryan (about Rosie): “Is she really some supermodel?”

Sophie: “Yeah, in her head.”

Eva (about Underworld knickers): “It’s not as if it’s designer. It’s the sort of thing women like ‘er would buy.”

Beth: “Women like me?”

Eva: “You know – cheap.”

Julie (about Eva): “She’s useless.”

Eva: “You’re useless. You couldn’t train a monkey to scratch itself.”

Fiz (to Ryan): “Only back two minutes and you’ve already got Sophie Webster in trouble.”

Beth: “He never has! I thought she was a lezzer?”

Leanne (about Carla): “You’re teflon. Causing chaos and misery wherever you go and not a single strand of hair out of place.”


* Ryan arrived back on the Street with only a rucksack and a guitar. Not a lot, considering he’s supposed to have been away at Uni for two years.

* Peter left with a rucksack, and Carla only had one large holdall (barely enough to hold her makeup bag, surely?) for her surprise trip half way round the world. Talk about travelling light!

* Why have half the Street been in black and white horizontal striped jumpers this week? I’ll bet Rob didn’t get THAT in Primark either!

*Why were Jason and Maria so orange this week? Jason Orange, geddit?


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