Corrie Corner – 26th August 2012

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Gail’s got her eye on a man; Brian’s ‘all man’, and Tyrone’s not man-enough to tell Curse-ty to ‘do one’.

Fireman Paul can’t get his sleep because of Kevin’s banging so Gail invited him over to hers for a lie down. It barely took her five minutes to offer him her bed, and after seeing him in those jogging bottoms again I can’t say I blame her!

Gail’s face has been a picture this week. That ‘look’ she keeps for fellas she fancies is enough to send any man running straight into a burning building, but getting his head down was all that FP actually had on his mind.

Staying for that dish of slop (what WAS that exactly?!) was his downfall though, and when Eileen found out, she all-but broke the door down (without an axe) to drag him out of there.

Lovely writing and acting. “She’s man mad,” Eileen exclaimed. She’s right! Gail and Eileen are such great adversaries, and their slanging matches are laugh-out-loud funny stuff!

‘Hang loose’ Gary, ok?

Speaking of blokes in trousers: I reckon Gary’ll need to start wearing looser jeans and a pair of boxers if he’s going to be donating sperm (that’s not a word I’d normally expect to write in a blog) for the IVF treatment. Those kecks he had on this week were rather ‘snug’ (to say the least)!

Not content with it being ‘sausage’ week, we also had Julie regaling us with tales of Brian’s bedroom prowess. “He was worth the wait – bedroom-wise,” she gasped breathlessly. “I-have-never-known-anything-like-it.” You’d never think he was such a tiger to look at him, would you? Bless!

Don’t look happy, Ty. Noooo …

Talking of animals: Curse-ty’s back. You know how animals give off signals to let you know when they’re angry? Curse-ty certainly does. Her eyes flame and her nostrils flare. It’s very scary, and we all KNEW that the second Tyrone looked at his cosiest with that girl in the Rovers she’d go and walk in, didn’t we?

Oh, my. It was scary. He was scared, but then stupidly ran after her and talked her into coming back. What would you have done if you were Tina though? She’d promised Tyrone she wouldn’t tell anyone but had also made Tommy promise that there’d be no lies between them either, so she HAD to tell him I guess? (Doesn’t she look like she’s got horns in this photo? Amazing!)

Will you ever learn, Tommy?

Poor old Tommy. He’d thought he was doing his mate a favour (didn’t you learn a lesson from all that business with your dad, lad?), but that was the LAST thing he was doing, and his and Tina’s faces when they saw Tyrone feeding her chips were a picture.

Tyrone doesn’t need to worry about losing his baby though. Most Soap babies disappear for months on end (how many times have we ever seen baby Jack?), so he won’t be missing much when she leaves him next time (hopefully in the back of a Cop car!).

We’ve had a load of Appropriate/Inappropriate Music in the Background this week. Way too many to mention, but Corrie’s clearly been on a mission to take over the title from EastEnders (and is succeeding)! Loads of laughs this week (especially from Gail and Eileen), but not too many one-liners for our Grins of the Week:

Fireman Paul: “Your mum is one in a million.”

David: “Yeah, but not in a good way.”

Stella (to Karl and Sunita): “Oh, you’re going, are you? It’s like Leaving Las Vegas with you two, in’t it?

Michelle: “How long after someone’s been discharged from hospital is it ok to give them a slap?”

Fireman Paul (as Kevin’s trying to wind him up): “I’m laughing on the inside.”


* Chesney’s been wearing his designer T-shirts again this week. He never goes to work any more (and has a girlfriend and a baby to support), so how on earth does he afford them? And speaking of fashion: that jacket of Rob’s. Is that fashion? It just looks laughable to me – as if he’s stuck his elbows in a couple of cans of white paint.

* I keep staring at Rob. He really doesn’t look a bit like Carla, does he?

* Eva won’t need those hair curlers when she finds out Rob’s carrying-on with her mother!


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