Corrie Corner – 17th June 2012

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Dev’s short-sighted but not blind: Nick and Eva need their eyes testing and Peter does a clever trick with one of his.

Is it my eyes, or Nick and Eva’s? “We’ve got a party of thirteen in for lunch. Is it just the two of us?” she asked him.

“Looks that way,” he replied.

Er, what about the other waiter and waitress who – although they were both dressed like the Milk Tray Man – were quite clearly seen clearing plates and walking in and out of the kitchen! Didn’t they notice them (they’re either side of Nick here)? They’d better get to Specsavers, quick – and take Jason with them while they’re at it …

Dev’s not blind, but he was too blind to see how unhappy Sunita was. People have affairs when things aren’t right in a relationship, then as soon as they realise what’s happening, start promising the earth.

“Do you want me to worship you, is that it?” he pleaded.

“It would have helped,” she snipped.

Many people will experience this in their lives. Having an affair’s one way of getting your partner’s attention, but it’s often too little, too late. It often backfires too – as Sunita’s realising.

It’s enough to turn you to drink, and Peter’s worried that Simon’s starting as he means to go on. I know it was all very serious, but I did actually laugh when Peter saw Simon’s comatose body and asked him, “How much have you had to drink son?”

I just had visions of Simon opening his eyes and chirping, “Oh, just the one bottle dad,” before slumping back unconscious again!

Would he really have asked him that (especially as Carla had the bottle in her hand)? Simon certainly did well to neck a whole bottle of red – FROM the bottle – and manage not spill any down his chin or his clothes though, and I also had to laugh when Peter told Carla: “Take the bottle. They’ll need to know how much he’s had.”

Er, a maximum of one bottle, I’d say?

He recovered remarkably quickly too, and was back to his cheeky self in no time. I’d have preferred them to make more of it – like having to pump his stomach or something – as an example to youngsters of the dangers of underage drinking. It came across as if he’d just had a little drink, fallen asleep and woken up a couple of hours later all back to normal. He didn’t even have a hangover. Hmmm …

That aside, it was gripping. All four actors did a fantastic job – even Peter (after a slow start), and his trick of crying a single tear out of the middle of only one eye was very impressive.

Leanne’s had some great lines this week. She was furious when she found out, and rightly so.

It was only a matter of time before something like this happened though. “Two alcoholics in charge of a child. Like THAT was ever going to end well,” Leanne pointed out to the Social Services woman. “Both like to drink, you see: like fish,” she added matter-of-factly.

“This wasn’t our finest hour,” Peter admitted in embarrassment.

“Oh, right. So what WAS then, Peter, aye? The night you fell asleep with a fag on and nearly burnt him to death?”*

I never expected Peter to just hand Simon over to Leanne though, and it was a nice touch to see him collapse as he shut the door. Would have been nice for Simon to have actually said ‘goodbye’ to his dad, and for Leanne to have mouthed ‘thank you’ to them when they left, but never mind.

Peter was thinking of Simon (for once), and did right to let Leanne have him. Like father like son, you see. It makes sense for Leanne to take the little lad to live somewhere he won’t be able to get his hands on any more booze. Hang on a minute. The Rovers? Er …

Carla remained extremely dignified, and pretty-much took a back seat throughout the whole thing – which was the right thing to do, but this new side to Carla is so out of character. You’ll need to read Carla Corner for the rest of my thoughts on that one, but I’m not happy!

I wouldn’t be happy if I was a customer in Audrey’s salon either. They were chatting away and teasing Maria about her crush on Marcus while poor Mrs Osterfield was sat there twiddling her thumbs. I stopped going to a salon once for exactly that reason. So unprofessional!

There was so much Appropriate/Inappropriate Music in the Background this week that there was too much to even list, and it beat EastEnders hands-down!

Barely any episodes this week because of the footie, but we’ve still got a Grin of the Week:

Eva: “They were eating out of the palm of my hand.”

Stella: “Run out of plates, did you?”

PS Notice how when Nick came to the hospital Peter asked “Why?” all sort of jealously? A case of watch this space perhaps?

PPS I have to include the rest of Leanne’s ‘rant’, which was this: “Everything is about you and your terms. I want a drink, so to hell with it. Oh, I’ll have a fag, oh no, I’ll have a sleep. I’ll have this woman, no I won’t, I’ll have this one. Actually I’ll have them both. I’ll have everybody till I can decide what I want.” What great writing, and SO well delivered. Brilliant stuff.


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