Corrie Corner – 11th March 2012

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Phew. What a week that was. Seeing Carla and Peter both staggering around the flat drunk on Monday was quite a sobering thought (no pun intended!).

For a moment I could actually visualise how in ‘real life’, they could so easily end up sat there in that flat; a couple of winos down to their last penny after their drinking had finally cost them everything.

“I’m a car crash. I’m a one-woman disaster zone,” Carla slurred.

“Yeah. You said it,” Leanne replied in disgust, before telling them she was going for custody of Simon.

I find Peter a teensy bit unconvincing sometimes, but he’s played a good part this week. He’s always at his best when he’s drunk, and it’s really not a pretty sight: slumped up-against a wall dragging on a fag, or looking like death warmed up. Yug. Seriously; what DOES Carla see in him?

A crisis either brings you together or tears you apart though, and judging by the rows they’ve been having I’d say it was the latter.

“Peter. You’re an alcoholic,” she cried.

“And what are you: my mother?” he shouted back at her.

She might as well be, and that’s another reason why she shouldn’t be with him. He’s a bad influence on her; he brings nothing but trouble to her door, and when he rolled into the Factory like her drunken teenage son, she must have wanted to the floor to just swallow him up (wouldn’t be the first time that’d happened, would it)?

There’s going to have to be a Bad Acting from a Bit-part Actor Award for that woman detective, and – yet-again – Weatherfield’s ‘Keystone Cops‘ have arrested someone on the flimsiest of circumstantial evidence.

The whiskey bottle that Roy just happened to spot in the skip and exclaim right in front of the Police: “That DOES look like blood, and there HAS been a murder,” was definitely the one from Carla’s desk, was it … the one that Carla picked up with her fingers and held in her hand every time she poured herself a drink?

Well, her prints will be on it, so that definitely makes her guilty of murder then, doesn’t it? Case closed. Clever trick to ‘hide’ the murder weapon in a Skip right outside the factory too, wasn’t it?

Honestly. It’s crazy to arrest her. She’s not guilty, but who DID do it? All the logical evidence (apart from the red herrings), put Anne in the frame, but is there a sneaky twist? Someone has to have heard Frank’s confession and be prepared to confirm that Carla was telling the truth all along. Would Anne admit that her son was a rapist?

My money’s on Jenny. She came in; saw what was happening, heard Frank’s confession and was so appalled at what she saw/heard (and felt so bad at how she’d conned Carla), that she confronted him. They rowed, she clunked him with the bottle (or even pushed him, maybe?), then took the contract.

I know: genius! Seriously though; that’s my theory, and we’ll all be on pins to see who the killer turns out to be. Whoever it is, they’ve done Carla a favour in getting rid of Frank, but I’d have much preferred for him to have attempted rape on someone else and been caught, as that would have given a better message of support to rape victims, because 99.9% of rapists don’t actually get murdered, do they?

It’s all been gripping stuff though, and Frank’s been a brilliant ‘baddie, but – boy – it’s hard enough at the best of times having to wait from Monday until Thursday for the next Episode, but it’s a killer (see what I did there?), when it’s a big storyline like this.

In other news: we had a surprise proposal, didn’t we? Aah. It’s nice to see Rita’s getting married (there’s hope for me yet), but I secretly wish it would be to Norris. He’s an unpleasant little gossip, but he loves Rita, and if you cast your mind back a few years to the time when Emily made the drug-laced brownies; ‘under the influence’, Rita revealed that she was in love with him.

I’ve always been surprised that nothing was ever made of that scene. Maybe Dennis’ll get up to his old tricks and we’ll finally get a surprise declaration of love from the pair of them sometime down the road?

Karl’s bright idea to install a giant TV didn’t go down well with old ‘rat eyes’ Stella (she does a mean scowl – in both senses of the word!), and it wasn’t long before she had him up on the roof trying to adjust it after everyone had started complaining.

“I’m not very good on ladders. Me legs have gone to jelly,” he told Ken.

“Yeah, like his brains,” Stella quipped!

Nobody really wants a TV in the Rovers (apart from Karl), although Tyrone was interested in the “Athletico Sasparilla versus Taramosalata” match. I’d have liked to have seen that. Their star player, Lionel Mezze‘s* on top form at the moment!

When Karl offered to take Sunita to the Casino I didn’t think she’d say yes; I didn’t think she’d be happy with him pulling-up in a side steet, and I certainly didn’t expect her to get out of the car with that smile on her face. Are we seeing the start of an affair here? Ooh, ‘eck.

Hardly any Beth this week (and no Craig, boo hoo!), but there was a nice little scene with Steve in the cab office where told her he wasn’t going to let her keep scamming free cab rides.

“Have I got to pay in advance – like a thief?” she gasped.

“That’d be a good idea, yes,” he told her straight.

Tha bit of Appropriate/Inappropriate Music in the Background with Helen Shapiro’s Walking Back to Happiness accompanying Dennis and Rita when he was telling her it was time to move on. Many of you will be too young to know the lyrics, so CLICK HERE and you’ll see what I mean.

After last week’s bumper selection, it’s a surprisingly lean Grins of the Week:

Eileen: “Did they say it was murder; an accident, or what?”

Sean: “Well, he didn’t die in his sleep – put it that way.”

Lewis: “Sorry I’m a few minutes late. I had a meeting with my probation officer.”

Gail: “Like you do (!)”

Sunita: “I love Italian food, though in Italy I suppose they just call it food?”

Karl: “I’ve been having some thoughts.”

Stella: “Ooh. There’s a first time for everything.”

Sally (to Kev): I don’t want anything more to do with that poor excuse of a man. Even you’re worth ten of him, and that’s saying something (!)”

Beth: …”We’re going to be working in a crime scene?”

Sean (nonchalantly): “You’ll get used to it.”

PS Carla and Michelle were holding hands this week. Keep your eye on these clues, as they’ll all be used in evidence if I get to be proved right about them!

PPS Have they got a new cameraman? There were a lot of strange camera angles and shots of Peter’s hands, arms and some extremely close close-ups. It was all very weird!

PPPS That brush of Norris’s was a bit pristine, wasn’t it?

(* If that means nothing to you; Barcelona’s star player – Lionel Messi – scored 5 goals last week in a match broadcast on ITV, and taramasolata is – of course – the name of a greek mezze dish!)

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