Corrie Corner – 27th May 2012

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Peter’s pushing Carla and Simon away; Curse-ty’s pushing Tyrone (well, pushing his head against the wall), and Karl and Sunita are pushing their luck!

So. This week, Curse-ty pushes Tyrone’s head against the wall, and the next minute turns on the waterworks, gives him a sob story and … yes, he forgives her and says he’ll try harder not to upset her in future. WHAT?

Both she and EastEnders‘ Ben are nasty little bullies, and I’d thought it would have been only a matter of time before he showed her the door (but not in the same way she ‘showed him’ the wall on Thursday!), but I’m starting to get seriously worried that she’s here to stay.

It’s proof of how good the writing/acting is, but I just can’t stick her, and maybe it’s because of things that have happened in my own life that I find it so difficult to see people being bullied (and yet THEM be the ones who end up apologising), and it’s not good for my stress levels either, to see her getting her ‘feet under the table’ with the Factory girls. Once she gets them onside, she’ll probably be there for the duration. What an awful thought.

How can we cheer ourselves up? Ah, yes … Carla’s back (go to Carla Corner for more), but hands up who wouldn’t have complained if Curse-ty had gone round and given Peter ‘what for’ for the way he’s been behaving this week?

Curse-ty’s about to become a mother (God forbid), and as Peter’s once-again behaving like a two-year-old (throwing a tantrum because he can’t get his own way), it’d be good practise for her. That man’s got a self-destruct button, and is playing right into Leanne’s hands, although Carla offering her money might not have been her smartest-ever decision …

You know I don’t do ‘spoilers’ on here: I just talk about what we’ve SEEN, and from what we’ve seen this week, if Peter continues to rant and rave at her she isn’t going to hang around. Being the actor whose job it is to kiss Carla Connor must be one of the most envied jobs in Soapland, and Peter had better make the most of it, ’cause at the rate he’s going he’s not going to be having that pleasure for very much longer!

The same goes for Karl. He took yet-another opportunity to get (both!) his hands on Sunita’s pert little derriere this week – after having told her not five minutes earlier that it was over. Oh, you men. What are you like, aye! They’re really pushing their luck now, and how Karl got away with hiding in the wardrobe I’ll never know.

If that had been a woman looking round, she’d have had that door open for sure, and how funny would it have been if Dev had opened the door and found Karl stood there? I half-wished he had; it would have been another moment worthy of Fawlty Towers, wouldn’t it!

It’s unfair that some people can have two women on the go while some of us can’t even get one, and if Maria can’t get a bloke then I might as well give up (actually, I gave up a long time ago and am resigned to a lonely old age with only my Soaps to keep me company!).

It shows how desperate she is, that after only a couple of drinks and the ‘walk home’ across the road, she was already puckering-up. Shame the guy was more ‘Arthur than Martha’.

Better luck next time, love. There’s bound to be another psychopath waiting in the wings for her, although she’d be better off concentrating on trying to get rid of Curse-ty for us and getting back together with Tyrone: now, he’s a keeper.

Actually, how about Nick? He needs a good woman, and now he’s dumped Eva (those two were never suited), he’s fair game. He needs the love of a good woman; Maria needs the love of a good man. What do we think, readers?

Ha. I’d commented last week that the Bistro was like Fawlty Towers, and Nick said this week that he’d rather hire Manuel than have David back!

How lovely did Kylie look in black and with her hair up?  A lot better than Eva with her chest out, although Nick and Lewis seemed to like it.

I can’t work out how Tyrone and Curse-ty managed to have a two-course lunch in the Bistro and for her to get back to work and be reading a book – all in one lunch hour, but it was a lovely bit of banter:

Tyrone: “Kirsty’s not coming out, is she?”

Fiz: “No. She’s in there reading a book.”

Beth (sardonically): “‘How to Win Friends & Influence People’!”*

Monday’s 7.30 Episode by David Lane was particularly funny, and here’s my Grins of the Week:

Tyrone: “She (Curse-ty) hasn’t really got any mates – round here.”

Beth: “Really?(!)”

Karl: “You’re not going to like this.”

Stella: “What? Being lied to? What’s not to like?”

Tyrone: “I’ve had a brainwave.”

Tommy: “Does it hurt?”

Beth (to Sean): “You’d waste your holidays cooking? I don’t even waste my evenings doing that.”

Leanne: “Does she really think I’m going to leave that beautiful little boy with a couple of drunks?”

Interviewer: “What’s she like?” (Carla)

Simon: “She’s horrible. She looks like a witch, and she’s a rubbish cook an’ all.”

Peter: “I’ll have a lime and soda and a red wine.”

Stella: “Large one, I presume?”

Leanne: “Where is he anyway?” (Simon)

Peter: “I’ve locked him in a cupboard.”

PS I loved how Sunita silently picked the iron up and stood it on its end after Dev had just left it on the board!

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* How to Win Friends & Influence People, by Dale Carnegie. One of the finest Self-Help books ever written, and NOTHING LIKE the manipulative con-trick of a book that the title suggests. (Go to the ‘And Finally’ section if you’d like to hear how this book might have changed the course of my life … but probably didn’t!)

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