Corrie Corner – 18th November 2012

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Steve reckons they were robbed in the footie, Rob scored an own goal with Eva, and Marcus wasn’t owning up to his boss at the Bistro. 

I’ve loved the humour this week. You know that any scene with Steve McDonald in it is going to be funny, and Rob winding him up over Michelle has been a joy to watch.

Steve’s performance at the footie was so funny. “I nearly had it there,” he crowed to Fireman Paul at the end, but Rob didn’t quite see it like that.

“There’s no ‘i’ in team, mate,” he told him (as the three not-so-wise monkeys sat at the bar afterwards!).

“There is in ‘shut your piggin’ mouth,” Steve quipped.

Piggin?” Rob scoffed haughtily.

Hey, despite what he thinks of himself, Rob’s not ‘all that’, and I’d rather have Steve (with his wonderful sense of humour and expressions) any day of the week, although it was totally out of order for him to lock Rob in the van. He could have lost them a huge order, and that’s not funny in this day and age.

Eva gets the key to the door

Rob’s always carried a torch for Michelle though, and clearly seems to think that she’s his for the taking; something he exploits to its full potential against Steve.

“Touched a nerve, have I?” he goaded.

“I’ll ‘touch your nerve’ in a minute,” Steve replied angrily.

“I’d rather Michelle do it – if it’s all the same to you,” Rob smirked. Great stuff!

Ooh, HOW good were those scenes in the hotel?

Eva’s line, “I’m up here love,” to the receptionist was one of my favourite lines of the year, and her threat to Steve about Rob: “He is dead. There’s fellers in urns less dead than he is,” wasn’t far behind it!

I’d never really warmed to Eva. When she first came in I felt that she was nothing more than a vain, one-dimensional character, but we’ve seen a far more sensitive side to her lately and also discovered that Cath Tyldesley’s got great comic timing!

Corrie’s enduring success is (in large part) down to its funny women, and I hope that the writers will continue to take full advantage of this unexpected side to Cath’s excellent portrayal of Eva.

We’ve got MarMar. Will it be Carchelle next?

Who was hoping Michelle wouldn’t kiss Rob though? #Carchelle fans everywhere, for a start. We found out this week that Carla’s back on-screen on the 12th December and is due for a major heartbreak, so there’s a great deal of hope and speculation flying around on Twitter that this will be the start of her and Michelle getting together at some point.

You can’t help who you fall in love with, and there are times when your love for your best friend turns into something more (Roxy wasn’t so lucky with Christian in EastEnders!).

“Did you feel yourself ‘slipping the other way’, or did it just happen?” Kirk asked Marcus in confusion when it all came out this week.

Sean – as usual – made it all about him. “Like you’ve ever considered ME in any of this,” he screeched at poor Marcus in outrage. Er, why should he have considered you, Sean? You’d split up ages ago; what could it possibly have had to do with you?

Friends … with benefits?

After facing Sean’s strop and the wrath of Jason on Monday, the happy couple faced another test on Friday when they went out to dinner at the Bistro and Marcus only introduced Maria as his best friend.

She wasn’t happy, but it’s a huge thing that Marcus is coming to terms with here. It’s not that many years ago when you daren’t tell anyone you were gay for fear of losing your job, and Marcus is sort-of having all that in reverse.

I hope they stay together though, and how lovely would it be for them to have a baby at some point? A lot more lovely than Tina having Izzie’s, for sure.

When Tina’s first pregnancy test was negative, Gary (who’s looking more like a leprechaun by the the week with that beard!) said that she could take a test every day.

I’ve never bought a pregnancy test in my life but I DO know that they’re not exactly cheap, so where’s the money coming from to (potentially) buy one every day, for – what might be – weeks, then?

Oh well, ‘luckily’ Tina found she was pregnant the very next day, so that’s a relief. Only nine months of worrying about her miscarrying to go before they all start rowing when Tina can’t bear to hand the baby over. (I’m only speculating here: I’ve no idea what’s going to happen, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that was what was going to!)

Packer promoted to ‘PC Gob’

Curse-ty barely seems to bother with her baby any more, especially since she found herself running UnderWorld. Who’d put a packer (no offence to packers) who’s only been there five minutes in charge of a factory, aye? I’d expect it of EastEnders, but it seems like a bit of a stretch for Corrie, I’m afraid.

I’m afraid for Tyrone too. Curse-ty’s only ever a breath away from ‘turning’, isn’t she? Have you ever seen the ‘Militant Black Guy’ character in the wicked comedy show Balls of Steel? (Lots of examples on YouTube.)

He’s exactly like Curse-ty. Nice as pie, but ONE wrong word and suddenly you’ve got a psychopath on your hands!

I loved how Eva called Curse-ty “PC Gob,” and I’ve loved every minute of this week’s episodes (except for the surrogacy bit!). It’s been a feast of Grins of the Week too: 

Rob (caught with a woman in his room): “If you’d just let me speak—”

Eva: “You’d say what? She was turning your bed down?”

Kirk: “Did you watch that programme the other night?”

Curse-ty: “You’re going to have to give me a bit more to go on.”

Gail: “It’s all very odd if you ask me.”

Audrey: “Well, nobody DID ask you actually, Gail.”

Stella (about the footie team): “They’re the cream of the crop.”

Eva: “If they’re the cream, I’d shoot the cow.”

Steve: “Where have you been?”

Ryan: “Running.”

Steve: “Who from?”

Sean: “That was a joke.”

Marcus: “I’m laughing on the inside.”

Kirk: “I’m really going to miss having Jason around.”

Maria: “Well, why don’t you go and ask him out yourself then, if you’re so keen on him?”


* Did you notice how an excited Steve’s flowers ‘drooped’ with the news that Michelle had gone to Sheffield with Rob?

* Stella’s glasses really suit her!

* Do Steve and Kirk go to the same hairdressers?

* Love how Leanne’s still got feelings for Peter. Ooh, can’t wait to see this one develop!

* How did Rob get back from Sheffield? He’d been drinking. If he’d got a cab, then why was his car sat outside the Rovers’?

* One of my favourite moments of the week was when Jason told everyone in the Rovers about #MarMar and we just heard Audrey quietly cry, “Oh, no.” Her delivery was perfection.

* Wasn’t Eva’s hysterical (fake) laugh (when she was schmoozing the hotel receptionist) fantastic?

* Hasn’t Michelle looked lovely this week? That hairstyle really suits her. Carla won’t be able to keep her hands off her when she sees her (we hope)!

* Michelle gets a Good Drinking from a Mug Award this week too!


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  1. Lynn November 21, 2012 at 5:19 am #

    Tina is pregnant? We’re still a few weeks behind here in Canada and I love reading about what is to happen.

    Didn’t Tina and Tommy have a romantic evening the other night? Isn’t that a stupid thing to do when you’re trying to conceive someone else’s baby?

    And speaking of stupid, why has Gail suddenly become so naive regarding Lewis? Although they look good standing together, don’t they? More so than with Audrey, but then again, I never understood Audrey’s continuous allure to the opposite sex.

    • Jane November 28, 2012 at 12:21 pm #

      Hi Lynn,

      You’re a woman after my own heart when it comes to ‘looking into’ things. Yes, will Tina’s baby be Tommy’s, and will Lewis set his sights on Gail? I think he’s probably only got revenge on his mind, actually …
      Audrey certainly has a good strike rate. Wish I could be half so lucky! It’s such good fun to watch, isn’t it, and you’ve got a lot of good stuff coming up to look forward to to!

      Thanks for the comment. Jane

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