Corrie Corner – 11th November 2012

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Steve thinks he’s got a rival; Sean doesn’t know that he has. Deirdre’s seen hers off and Stella’s has just arrived.

“Oh, not this daft crush again? Sweetheart; the man’s gay. What do you think’s going to happen?” Audrey sighed when Maria confided in her over her love for Marcus.

Well, it jolly-well DID happen, but Marcus soon started having doubts. “People change, Marcus,” Maria cried, as the poor guy struggled to both understand and deal with his feelings.

Maria’s right; people DO change. It’s the person that we fall in love with, but it’s just unfortunate for you when that person doesn’t feel the same way. It’s funny how people rarely bat an eyelid these days when someone says they’ve turned gay, yet can’t seem to comprehend that it can just as easily happen in reverse too.

Their problems haven’t even started yet!

After a tortuous and tearful evening in the Rovers, Maria arrived home to find … Marcus. NOT on a train to London, but sat, sitting there, waiting for her.

Unfortunately for #MarMar, a disgruntled Aiden’s gone and told Sean so that’ll be an embarrassing situation about to happen next week, and Eileen also went and made things worse by telling Maria how much Jason was missing her.

I’ve talked about this before. I don’t think anybody was convinced by those two getting together in the first place, were they? They haven’t got any chemistry (which is understandable as Maria’s been in love with Marcus the whole time), and I seriously doubt that Jason will be going off and ‘playing with the traffic’ like Ryan did when he finds out, do you?

#MarMar are a great couple. Marcus is a natural with kids (although little Liam’s still not got the hang of being an actor yet: never look straight at the camera, love), and it’ll be lovely to see them together.

Come here, sweetheart

Audrey’s been putting in a great performance over this Lewis thing and has been a lovely ‘mum’ to Maria this week too. If I needed a good cry I’d love Audrey (or Emmerdale’s Lisa) to comfort me, although poor Audrey’s got plenty to cry about herself at the moment after Lewis left her.

He’s been ‘Mr Nice Guy’ this week (apart from that moment in the taxi with Gloria), but that last scene on Friday where he told the guy in the car that he was over his ‘temporary lapse’ was a bit of an omen. Just don’t hurt Audrey any more please Lewis, ok?

Back to normal at the Barlows’ – for now …

It looks as if Deirdre’s seen Wendy off. “D’ya know? I’m not even sure he’s got the stomach for it any more,” she mused to Rita (about whether Ken would still ‘have it in him’) as the pair of them set off like Cagney and Lacey to have it out with her.

I thought for a moment that Wendy was going to go all ‘bunny boiler’ on us, but it looks as if that one’s all done and dusted now. Shame. Deirdre and Ken are at their comedy best when they’re bickering, but just as one funny storyline ends there’s always a new one coming along, and we’ve now got Steve’s jealousy of Rob coming to the fore over the footie team.

Blow the whistle on the footie, please

Sport and Soaps really don’t go together, and after having to endure the tedious Queen Vic team storyline in EastEnders we’ve now got the Rovers vs the Weathy Arms. Yawn.

Luckily, this one’s confined to the pub (so far), and is mainly just a good opportunity for Rob to try and score points over Steve about Michelle. Ryan’s enjoying stirring it for Steve too.

“So she didn’t ask about me but she asked about Rob?” Steve asked Ryan after he’d been speaking to his mum on the phone.

“They work together,” he replied.

“We LIVE together,” Steve squeaked!

I don’t know why Steve feels threatened by Rob. He’s SO not my cup of tea; I don’t know what Steve thinks women see in him, and why has Michelle suddenly disappeared, anyway?

With everything that’s going on with Ryan at the moment you’d have thought that nipping off to Ireland would have been the last thing she’d have done so soon after him ‘going off on one’ and landing poor Sophie in hospital, wouldn’t you?

Still, for all us #carchelle fans, we’re just counting the days now until we see the two of them reunited, aren’t we?

Mandy’s happy with Jenna. Sally? less so

Lloyd’s reunited with the latest love of his life Mandy, and we saw Jenna looking at them disapprovingly before breaking into a huge smile and giving them her approval.

“Give me some sugar,” Mandy grinned in relief and gave her daughter a big hug.

Sally’s not so enamoured with Jenna though. “Careful Jenna. Don’t get too carried away. You’ll be actively encouraging her next (!)” she sniped at her – just because Jenna didn’t agree that Sophie would be Dancing on Ice within a few days.

Let’s see more of Mathers

I spotted a definite flash of a ‘look’ between Jenna and Sophie on Monday, and there were a few (less friendly) looks in the Rovers on Monday night too as Stella’s rival Carole from the Weathy Arms turned up. I get a feeling we’ll be seeing more of her, and I’d love to see more of Mr Mathers – the guy from ‘Lancashire Leisure Pub of the Year’ too.

What a great character. He was like a cross between Julie’s Brian and Reg Holdsworth, and it would be great if they could write him in again sometime; a suitor for Gloria when she returns, maybe (is he married?)?

It’s been another good week for Steve gurns, but after being spoiled rotten over the last fortnight we’re a little bit light on Grins of the Week: 

Karl: “Is there anything I can do?”

Stella: “Disappear.”

Deirdre: “I dropped off at one point and got my Grazia wet.”

David (about his missing mobile): “Where was it?”

Kylie: “Max’d pinched it. It was in his back pack.”

Maria: “You’ve got him well trained.”

Wendy: “Goodbye Deirdre, and take Angela Lansbury with you.”


* If you like a bit of camp humour you can’t do better than Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, which was written by none other than Corrie writer Jonathan Harvey (@JOJEHARVEY). Rude? Don’t ask! Funny? It’s hilarious; one of my all-time favourite comedies. Do give it a go if you’ve never seen it.

* Why would Marcus stop to check his post when he’d already said that he was late for meeting Aiden in the pub?

* That was a very questionable painting on the wall at Wendy’s house, wasn’t it?

* Where was Liam at the fireworks in Monday’s second episode?

* Notice how all the blokes are in jumpers and jackets and yet half the women dress as if it’s mid-July in Benidorm?

* “People change,” Maria said. She’s right there, and that’s the main theme of my novel, “Just Good Friends?” if you fancy a read?!


* So sad to hear that Jack Duckworth (Bill Tarmey) had died. Jack and Vera felt almost like family to some of us older fans, and his Vince St. Clair storyline was my all-time favourite of theirs.

CLICK HERE to watch the video clip. R.I.P Jack, lad.

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