Corrie Corner – 4th November 2012

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Gloria’s playing tricks; Ryan’s playing in the road, Deirdre thinks that Ken’s ‘playing away’ and it’s not exactly playtime for Tyrone right now.

Oh, so the honeytrap was GAIL’S idea then, was it? It finally became clear this week as to who was behind Gloria’s little scheme, and Lewis passed the test with flying colours. I did think for a moment that Gloria was going to lie and say that he’d agreed to go with her, but she didn’t and Audrey was both thrilled and relieved to get the verdict.

Unfortunately, this is Soapland so things didn’t go quite to plan, and Lewis found out about their little trick and stormed off. Aah, poor Audrey. When he came back to Gail’s I think we all hoped it was to make things right, but he ended up leaving her. Oh, nice one Gail.

“Underneath all that barnet lies a cynical, murky mind,” Gloria mused. Yes, Gloria: cynical and envious.

Just because all her husbands have ended up six feet under, Gail can’t bear to see anyone else happy and will always think the worst of everyone – particularly men – although, to be fair, she was (hopefully) doing it for the right reason and she has got a point: most of the men in Corrie are (or have been), lying, cheating losers. Just ask Deirdre.

More trouble round at the Barlows’

I’ve been loving the glut of Ken and Deirdre scenes over the last few weeks. They’re a brilliant double act, and Deirdre plays her part to perfection. She clearly feels inferior to Wendy and it’s very sad to see her vulnerability so raw and exposed.

Deirdre’s always at her best when she’s seething resentment against Ken though, and she has that ‘special ‘exasperated’ look she keeps for such moments.

“It’s a little difficult to concentrate when one knows one’s in the doghouse,” he bleated.

“Oh, how awful for ‘one‘,” she replied – through gritted teeth. Brilliant!

Ken just can’t see how it upsets her, and you can tell that (deep down) is just rather bored by it all.

“Can we just drop this now?” he asked wearily.

“Ooh, I bet that’s what you say to Wendy,” Tracy shot back.

Tracy will always leap to Deirdre’s defence against Ken. It’s always wonderful to watch, and always has that delicious comedy element which all three of them play out with perfect comic timing.

You reap what you sow

Corrie’s been on fine comedy form of late, with many of the comic characters being involved in storylines at the same time.

“I didn’t tell him to go and play in the road with Sophie Webster,” Tracy pointed out to Ken affrontedly.

Great line, and true too. No matter what Tracy did to Ryan (and she did plenty!), she didn’t force the drink and drugs down him, did she? We’re all responsible for our own actions in life, and Ryan should think himself lucky that Sophie’s such a God-fearing girl and was able to find it in her heart to forgive him so easily.

Sophie’s reward for being so forgiving is to be blessed with Jenna as her physiotherapist, and if you’ve seen any spoiler sites this week you’ll know what I’m on about.

I saw it by accident (it’s very hard NOT to see things when you’re on Twitter and when online newspapers have them right up there on their ‘home’ page too), and even though Sally’s ‘taken against’ Jenna already, Kevin’s the opposite – even going for a drink with her (while his little son’s goodness knows where again/still).

Mary’s wish is granted & it’s poor Cinderella Ty

Nick’s offered Mary a job at the Bistro. Who’d have thought she’d have been such a talented chef, aye? She kept that hidden, didn’t she? I doubt she’s able to get much practice in. There’s barely room to make a sandwich in a motorhome, let-alone cook gourmet/gastro-type dishes! Let’s just hope it’s done ‘realistically’ and that Nick doesn’t come in one morning to find the place rigged-out as a trawler for ‘fish night’ or something!

Just when I thought the surrogacy storyline had gone away it was back – as was Curse-ty – this week. Tyrone appears to have been reduced to little more than the ‘hired help’ in his own home, and that’s not good. Watching Curse-ty is like waiting for a smouldering volcano to erupt. You know it’s going to happen but you don’t quite know when.

Quick. Let’s get that scary thought out of our heads with our Grins of the Week: 

Ken: “I woke up this morning and couldn’t believe it.”

Deirdre: “That makes two of us.”

Tommy: “Can’t we just pay you by instalments?”

Owen: “Did you let my daughter down by instalments?”

Wendy: “Last time I saw you, you were a sulky teenager.”

Tracy: “Last time I saw you, you were a home-breaking cow.”

Deirdre: “Tracy. Your father has spent a good portion of his life chasing other women. Perhaps now, he’s finally managed to catch one.”


* I didn’t hear a cork pop when Lewis opened the champagne, did you? Not even a professional like him can open a bottle of fizz without a tiny ‘pop’ at the very least. It had a fine head of bubbles too – unlike that flat champagne Emmerdale’s Declan and Katie toasted their marriage with a couple of weeks ago. (See Emmerdale-y for a photo of that!)

* I loved Gloria’s line about ‘Little Boris Johnson (Max) running in and out; treading muck all over the place’. Typical politicians!


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  1. Nick Dutton November 11, 2012 at 12:06 am #

    Quite possibly the worst possible spoiler ever…if it were to happen.

    New character comes racing into Corrie. Meet “Trev Lynch”!

    • Jane November 12, 2012 at 11:15 am #

      Love it!

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