Corrie Corner – 2nd October 2011

Rosie Webster - Corrie Corner - Jane Reynolds' weekly Coronation Street reviewOh, welcome back Rosie, I missed you so much, Mwah, mwah! It was straight in with a ‘Rosie-ism.’

Sally: “I’ve always liked Lorraine Kelly.”

Rosie: “Mum. You’re just one of her ‘fans’. I’ll be one of her colleagues.”  Delusional as ever, bless.

Kevin left his bags in the hall. (Was that all there were: with a baby?). When Sally complained that it was dangerous, he replied that only an idiot would trip over them. Cue Rosie:

“And whose were those bags in the hall that I tripped over?” Wonderful writing!

Carla & Hayley - Corrie Corner - Jane Reynolds' weekly Coronation Street reviewThe Rosie stuff’s been a perfect contrast to the Carla/Peter/Leanne triangle this week. Carla’s been spell-binding; completely believable. When she gripped Hayley’s hand, what a poignant moment.  The only bit I didn’t ‘buy’ was when she was with the Doctor. He not only doesn’t look like a Doctor (whatever a Doctor looks like!), but he’s not old – or mature – enough to have made that scene believable for me.

Frank  - Corrie Corner - Jane Reynolds' weekly Coronation Street reviewI was surprised Leanne went to see Frank in Prison, but didn’t he sound COMPLETELY plausible, aye? You’d have never bet your teeth on him telling her the truth, but it’s all part of his ‘cunning plan’, and my jaw dropped when he actually told her about the crash, and then twisted the knife by saying that he suspected Carla and Peter had been “At it like knives” for ages (Ooh, I LOVE that saying!).

Carla knocked an entire wine rack back in her anguish (to Amy Winehouse’s Love is a losing game!), and didn’t half let Maria have it before she threw her out. “You’re here, living in the lap of luxury (if you say so, love!), when your house is a flea-pit,” she lashed. (A bit harsh perhaps? I’ve seen worse), but not five minutes later, she was on the receiving end herself, as Leanne started laying into her.

It’s a bit ‘Pot calling the woman who loves your husband black’ though, isn’t it? Lea’s affair with Nick aside, it’s still only five minutes since she’d have quite happily run Stella over herself.  Still, everyone’s got a conveniently-short memory in Soapland, luckily! I’m guessing she’ll have to keep the secret though, or Carla’s off to Jail for a very long time. NOT good news for the Factory Girls …

Sean - Corrie Corner - Jane Reynolds' weekly Coronation Street reviewSean didn’t have any doubts that Carla would survive it all though. “Right. Say you went in and you said, ‘Carla. Really sorry, but I seem to have lost both my arms in a freak liquidising accident?'” he mused. “She would say, ‘Well, why don’t you bob a plaster on it and sew with your feet.” He’s right; that’s Carla’s attitude, isn’t it?

Carla & Peter - Corrie Corner - Jane Reynolds' weekly Coronation Street reviewI digress though. Peter was so wrong on every level to have kept going to Carla’s flat and sitting there comforting her like that. What a moment when there was that knock at the door though.  “Who is it,” he called.

“It’s your wife, Peter … Leanne,” came the deadly reply.

Having been wound-up by Frank, Lea quickly put two and two together and came up with four (well, she is a Bookie’s wife), and – to be honest – who wouldn’t?  When Carla came in to stick a fiver on Peter’s Choice in the 2.30 at Doncaster (oh, no, sorry, it’s not open for business at the moment, is it!), to Leanne it just seemed like another excuse to try and talk to Peter, and when she left, Leanne warned him: “If you go after her, don’t bother coming back.”

It seems clear where Peter’s heart lies though. Sometimes lurvve’s just too strong an emotion, and you can see he’s being torn in two. I know where I’d put my money. ‘Red or Black?’ Black. Well, it is their favourite colour, after all!

Carla’s not herself, and neither is Tracy – who appears to have turned into Mother Teresa this week, as there’s no other way Tina would have won that argument they had behind the bar! They say the hormones in women’s brains change when they’re pregnant. Maybe it’s down to that? Tracy’s clearly taking her pregnancy seriously though; she ordered lemonade and a packet of prawn cocktail crisps (!)

“On a health kick, are you?” Lloyd quipped!

Health was the other issue of the week, as poor old Bill suddenly reappeared after months of absence, only to promptly go and have a heart-attack! There were a few lines about the importance of healthy eating thrown-in, but it led Tyrone to muse that he’d never once had his ‘Five a day’. No kidding?

Pam - Corrie Corner - Jane Reynolds' weekly Coronation Street reviewKevin was upset that his dad hadn’t told him about his dicky ticker.  “You shouldn’t keep secrets,” he complained.

“You telling us not to keep secrets? That’s a bit rich,” Pam retorted incredulously.

Julie - Corrie Corner - Jane Reynolds' weekly Coronation Street reviewPam’s certainly the one wearing the trousers in that relationship. “If he could have kept his trousers on, I’d still have my Molly,” she shouted at Kevin. Julie (on the other hand), is more than happy for her man to be in charge. “Ooh, I love it when you’re masterful,” she gasped as Brian told her they were leaving the pub. Can’t wait for them to take centre-stage.

Leanne - Corrie Corner - Jane Reynolds' weekly Coronation Street reviewLeanne made Peter promise to stay away from Carla. “Cross your heart and hope to die?” she asked (that’s the kiss of death for sure!), and it was sad to see the desperation in her eyes as she tried to convince herself that everything was going to be ok.

There was more heart-y talk from Pam. “If anyone deserves to have a heart-attack and die it’s you,” she raged at Kevin, and Tina might-well have been dicing with death too. “Me and Tracy had a bit of a barney,” she told Steve.

Anna - Corrie Corner - Jane Reynolds' weekly Coronation Street review“There’s not a mark on you,” he replied in amazement (knowing only too well what Tracy’s capable of).

A couple who’re only at the fluttering hearts stage are Owen and Anna. HOW lovely is she looking? She’s got such a glow about her you’d think she was really in love! Talk about a transformation in looks from when she first arrived on the Street. Who wouldn’t fall for her? I do hope they manage to be happy, for a while at least …

Ooh, and we’ve ended the week with Kevin and Sally kissing too. More swiftly-beating hearts!

Grins of the week:

Julie: “Is it talking cats? I love talking cats.”

Dev (to Amber): “Have you shown an inate genuis for anything apart from drinking and skiving?”

Kevin: “He likes our ‘can-do’ attitude.”

Tyrone: “Right now, I’d settle for a can.”

Sean: “I know what’ll cheer us up.”

Julie: “Skateboarding cats?”

Anna’s face when Owen caught her pretending to be on the phone and finding it had been ‘Cut orff!’

PS I think Jack should have Kevin’s name. He IS the father. Sorry Ty, but he’s his dad.

PPS Calling all ‘Adult’ Film-makers. Here’s a sure-fire hit idea for you: ‘Sexy girls cleaning stuff’.  Lloyd said he’d buy it, and I reckon there’s men everywhere who’d add that one to their Christmas list. Men are always happy to sit and watch women clean, but Sexy women cleaning? It’s a sure-fire winner!


Ok. Want to see the fight on Lorraine’s show that Sean was so excited about in the Factory this week? Well, here’s that – and a whole load more – on the brand-new Website:

It features the build-up to the Event, and there’s lots of brilliant little videos which will help give you an insight into the real Rosie, so if you’re a Rosie fan – like me – and can’t get enough of her Rosie-isms in the main Corrie Episodes, then this is truly the site for you!



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