Emmerdale Diary – 7th August 2011


Jake’s spent the week in that new theme-park, Leyla-land, where an adult takes you off to Leeds and spends a load of money on you.  What kid wouldn’t want that, aye? He still looked miserable as sin though. There’s no pleasing that boy).

Leyla & Jake - Emmerdale Diary - Jane Reynolds' weekly Emmerdale review“If I was your mum I wouldn’t make you do anything you didn’t want to do,” she told him.  D’ya know, I reckon she means that, and then he’d end up even more of a brat than he is already.

Soap children are either brilliant (Belle), stand around looking like stunned mullets (Samson, Arthur), invisible, (Bob’s kids), or just plain rubbish.  I was hoping Jake was off to Spain, but it doesn’t look like it now.  Damn.  That’s ruined my week.

They don’t get any better as they grow up either, as Chas is finding. Just when I’d been praising Aaron for his maturity, he goes and kicks off again (literally).  I feel it would have been a much better storyline if he’d either just accepted it and grieved quietly or even gone into a complete depression, but to see him reverting to aggression is a shame, as his character had come on so much (and been so supportive of Hazel), that I feel a bit sad to see him going back down that road.

I was surprised to hear Rhona say spitefully, “Nice to see she can still enjoy herself, isn’t it?” to Hazel (just because she’d been playing cards with Bob’s invisible kids).  You’d have thought she – of all people – would have had a bit more compassion, wouldn’t you?

Chas is doing her best to look after Aaron, but being a proper ‘Mum’ is a bit of a challenge, and her patience is in rather shorter supply, so when she found Eve behind the bar, it was bound to kick-off.

Eve: “I was doing you a favour.”

Chas & Eve - Emmerdale Diary - Jane Reynolds' weekly Emmerdale reviewChas: “Well, I’m here now, so you can bog off.”

It got worse …

Chas” “Have you got a death wish?”

Eve: “No, but if I had I’d know where to go.”

Chas: “You what?”

Eve: “Do you think Aaron could squeeze me in?”

Oops. I think Mexico might just be a safe-enough distance from Chas for Eve!  (I must have blinked and missed the bit where Scarlett had invited her over though?)

David & Leyla - Emmerdale Diary - Jane Reynolds' weekly Emmerdale reviewSo, Leyla left then. I thought the end was a bit far-fetched.  God knows why, but Hairy David had decided to give her (yet-another) chance, and she’d been saying how much she loved him and didn’t want to lose him, yet suddenly, there she was in a cab and gone!  Bob’s rambling didn’t help.

Bob: “I sense I’m getting on your nerves.”

H.D. (about to snap, whispers): “Don’t do it then.”  Great acting.

Charity was losing patience with Nikhil in her desperation to head off on her free holiday (loved Noah ‘swimming’ on the office chair!), and decided to alter one of his Orders on the computer.  Why is Nikhil suddenly being portrayed as incompetent and innefective though?

I know Charity’s on a mission to destroy him, but when the Sharma’s first came in, Nik was the sensible, organised brain behind the toffees, yet over the last month he’s gone from that to looking like a virtual idiot with no people skills and unable to run the business without Jai there to hold his hand.

Maybe this is going somewhere?  Perhaps he’s got an undiagnosed medical condition (like Chris in Corrie)?  Storylines so often run concurrently in Soaps that I’m assuming there must be a reason for it all? Time will tell, but where was Gennie in all this?  Why wasn’t she at work when all the wages thing was kicking-off?

Ashley & Sandy - Emmerdale Diary - Jane Reynolds' weekly Emmerdale reviewChanging the subject: do you reckon Amy had been to Gabby’s face-painting party with Sandy?  That’s the only explanation I can think of for her make-up this week.  Last week her face was orange (just to her jaw-line), but this week, she literally looked as if she’d had half her face dipped into a pot of red paint, then had a purple stripe daubed across her cheeks!

I’ve truly never seen anything like it.  Why does she have to be made up like this?  She’s so pretty, but she’s caked in the stuff (yet her neck’s always completely white), and has so much black on her eyes it’s a wonder she can keep them open!

Amy, Val & Eric - Emmerdale Diary - Jane Reynolds' weekly Emmerdale reviewMind you, at least all that slap hid her red face as she LIED to Eric and Val when they asked her if she’d robbed the house. Ooh, how could you Amy?  Bad girl!

That Jared’s still threatening her (yawn). “Next time, they’ll find out all about ‘Sweet little Amy’,” he threatened.  Er, I don’t think any of us ever thought of her as that mate.  How patient is Eric being though?  He was so nice to HD too.  Bless.

Ashley’s going in the other direction. Why’s he suddenly become so unpleasant? Do you think he’s got an undiagnosed medical condition too? We’ve got Tanya’s cancer story starting in EastEnders this week, so maybe it’s that, as it’s so out of character for him. Mind you, if I had a child like Gabby, I’d be pretty cross. For a Vicar’s daughter, that girl’s got a worrying case of ‘Baby Evils‘.  Scary!

PS They say people look like their dogs. Marlon and his dog sat on the settee together? Twins! (I took a photo of them on my phone but couldn’t get it to upload.)

PPS Do you think Alicia realised she’d forgotten to put a skirt on in Tuesday’s Episode?  Must have been those ‘Jammie Dodgers’ hanging off her ears distracting her.

PPS I got all hot under the collar with this line from Cameron to Debbie: “You won’t think I’m an idiot when I give you loads of babies.”  Phoaar!  Maybe it’s me, but I think that’s dead sexy!



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