Emmerdale-y – 29th July 2012

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Robbie rubs everyone up the wrong way, Elliot’s sweet nature rubs off on Nicola and Jai might need to run off when Charity hears his news.

Soaps are a bit like the sea: always moving, but sometimes there’s big waves and at other times it’s all quite calm. I suspect that the current Soap-y calm is down to the Olympics/Summer holidays, as there’s no point having huge storylines coming to a head when less people are going to be watching.

Everything’s just ‘ticking over’ in Emmerdale this week. How long before Charity gets to find out about Jai’s little surprise? I don’t think Rachel’s negotiated herself much of a deal.

‘Do right’. Need a bit more than that, Jai

As I see it, she’s keeping the baby and … er, well, that seems to be it. Jai’s offered to ‘do right’ by her and the baby, but it’s all a bit light on detail and I think she should have got something a bit more specific out of him – BUPA cover for a start, because I fear for her safety once Charity finds out.

Charity already talks to Rachel like she’s dirt, and finding out that the cleaner’s having her hubbie’s sprog is SO going to freak her out that I hope Jai’s got a good pair of running shoes, and that Rachel’s got her best trackie on, as they’ll need to run like the clappers!

He’s going? Oh, no, he’s staying

When Pointless Priya got in that car with Robbie I prayed that they’d drive off and never come back, but just when I almost began to hope that the pair of them would be out of my life forever he put that stupid ‘I’m sorry’ face on, and now he’s staying.

“You knew that we were getting close – and that scares you,” Megan told him. Getting close? Sorry. Did I miss something? Their scenes together involve nothing more than one of them walking into a room, saying something either sarcastic or cryptic to the other, then him (usually) shuffling out angrily, leaving Megan standing there looking exasperated. If that’s what you call close, they must have had some right funny relationships.

I knew this would happen, and I guess he’s suddenly now going to have a personality transplant and turn into a hard-working and pleasant character. I can’t stand him – or this storyline. Robbie’s like the worst sort of leech: happy to take everything he can get, but someone who thinks the world owes him a living and has a huge chip on his shoulder.

Maybe it’s just because I feel he was miscast. He doesn’t look anything like Megan, and there’s  simply no chemistry between them. He’s just a thoroughly unpleasant character.

“I want mummy.” Are you sure?

Let’s change the subject. Marlon sneaked out of the Vicarage on Monday’s episode. Aah, didn’t they look happy? Unfortunately, that was about all we saw of them this week, so let’s change the subject again.

Aah, wasn’t Elliot cute? “I like living with mummy. I want mummy,” he said to Jimmy. Goodness knows who’d want Kelly as a mummy, but there we go. I hope Jimmy and Nicola DO fight to keep him as he’s a lovely little lad and (amazingly – considering Nicola’s initial dislike of him) , they make a sweet little family!

It’s been a while, but we’ve got a Bad Drinking from a Mug Award this week for Robbie, who took a ‘drink’ out of his mug without having lifted it up far enough to have been able to tip the coffee out! Right, time for our Grins of the Week:

Gennie (to Nikhil): “Oh, what a shame – more people. We’re going to have to leave the buggy comparison list to another time.”

Carl: “Who puts trainers in the washer?”

Nicola: “Not you. That’s why yours are in the back garden.”

Nikhil: “Can you hold all my calls.”

Gennie: “If you get any.”

Paddy: “Maybe I should try and talk to him (Marlon) on my own.”

Rhona: “Go round the houses, you mean?”


* Pointless Priya wants children one day. Let’s hope that’s a day that doesn’t come too soon. Imagine a mini PP running about the place …

* Amelia’s a good little actress too. Sweet little girl. Obviously got that off her dad and not ‘Misery Ali’!

* Alex and Moira’s flirting’s ticking-over nicely!


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