Emmerdale-y – 30th September 2012

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Cameron’s getting desperate; Gobby’s driving everyone to the point of desperation and Priya takes desperate measures to try and woo David.

So, how many Awards did Emmerdale win at the ‘Inside Soap’ Awards then? None? NONE?

Most of you who read my stuff and follow me on Twitter know how I feel about the ongoing failure of Emmerdale to be recognised as the truly great Soap it’s become over the last few years (and especially over the last two years).

Yet again – after EastEnders won ‘Best Soap’ this week – I wonder what on earth has Emmerdale got to do to get a reward for its perfect balance of great comedy and gripping drama?

The build-up to the 40th Anniversary week is absolutely gripping, and the new trailer they’ve been showing this week is so brilliant (and the music matches it SO perfectly) that it deserves an Award by itself!


I’m just gobsmacked that Emmerdale has once again been overlooked like this, and can only hope that when it comes to NEXT year’s Awards people will be sure to remember and compare the quality of Emmerdale’s storylines, acting and writing against that of EastEnders over the past twelve months and finally give the show the recognition it so richly deserves.

Ok, ‘Soapbox’ moment over. What’s been happening this week?

Desperate times, desperate Cam

Oh, Cameron. You should be ashamed of yourself for letting Zak believe that it was his fault the car had been ‘stolen’. How soon before someone notices that the logbook’s missing too?

Cameron’s a troubled man, and Debbie saying she wanted to pay to have the baby induced didn’t help matters.

I don’t know how Cameron manages for money anyway. He rarely goes to work so must be very well paid if he can support both his old family and his new one out of his wages.

Not that he’s got any money left now – after giving it all to Carl. I doubt that’ll stop Carl blackmailing him though, and now he’s told him he’s got to find Chas too. Just try the nearest pub, as being cooped up in a camper van with Dan’s bound to have driven her to drink.

I’d be fighting NOT to have custody!

I’d be driven to drink if I had to put up with Gobby Gabby. God, she’s getting worse. Never mind making her pancakes for breakfast; send her to her room – or wherever it is she’s having to sleep (due to the overcrowding)!

“Gabby isn’t yours. Her place is with me,” Ashley (showing his less-Godly side) reminded Laurel.

This is a tricky one. Gobby’s not Lauren’s by birth, but she is her step-mother, and what about Ashley’s abuse of Sandy? A court would have to take that into consideration when awarding custody I guess, and besides; Ashley’s going to have to do a lot of pint-pulling and hay baling to earn enough money for a place for both him and Gobby to live, surely?

If I was Laurel I’d pack Gobby off anywhere I could. She’s way too much like hard work right now!

Princess – or ‘Priceless’ Priya …

Oh, how can I not call her Pointless Priya? I’ve tried, I’ve really tried, but it just suits her so well, and now she’s been giving Robbie the ‘come on’ – just to try and make David jealous.

“Why are you such a letch?” she cried as he tried to cuddle-up to her in the pub.

“Why are you such a tease?” he retorted – as the ‘heavies’ moved in.

I’m with Robbie on this one. She’s really led him on, and – like Vic said to him, “She’s so obviously into you … texting Plan B,” as Priya stood right at his side texting David. Blatant, or what?!

It was harsh for PP to play the ‘poor little princess’ just so that she could get Robbie thrown out of the pub when things stopped going her way. It’s not like he was chancing his arm; he’d liked her for ages and had thought she’d finally agreed to go on a proper date with him.

“You’ve been salivating over her for weeks,” as Nicola so politely put it!

You’re playing a dangerous game, young lady

Let’s just hope she doesn’t live to regret spurning his advances. Robbie’s not the sort to take that sort of public humiliation well, and I’d be keeping both my car and myself indoors if I were Priya – although if anything happens to her, Jake’ll get the blame as he’s already got the knives (well, whatever it was that he keyed the side of her car with) out for her!

When you can’t bear to have to wait the whole weekend for the next episode of a Soap it shows you just HOW good that Soap is (although some might contend that it’s because you have no life). I don’t have much of a life, but I DO know great writing, acting and comedy when I see it, and Emmerdale’s IT.

So much drama that there haven’t been as many Grins of the Week this week, but after last week’s Hooray for Henry stuff, who’s complaining?!

Amy: “I came all the way back from London to see you cos they told me you might die.”

Kerry: “What do you want: your train fare?”

Nikhil: Henry has been subjected to rough handling.”

Gennie: “Are you accusing me of fake baby abuse?”

Ashley; “I realise we’ve fallen behind.”

Nicola: “Ashley – you’re not even visible with binoculars.”


* Who wasn’t in tears at Sarah’s “I’m gonna be really brave, mum. I promise. Everything will be ok,” and when Amy held Val’s hand? *sniff*

* How many bedrooms has Marlon’s house got? There’s Marlon, Laurel, Gobby, Arthur, Sandy, Lizzie (and the dog!) there now. That’s a lot of people …

* Cute boy of the week!

* Kerry should have won ‘Best Newcomer’, not EastEnders‘ Lucy. Just saying …

* Jai voted to watch the DVD The Sound of Music so that Charity could get her nun’s costume on. I’d have voted for that too  …

* The song on that wonderful advert is from 1965 and is called ‘Untrue, Unfaithful (That Was You)’, by Nita Rossi, and the longer promotional trailer is the one we were shown at the Press Day on 6th September. At that point, we hadn’t yet seen most of what’s on it so there were a lot of collective ‘Oohs’ and ‘Aahs’ as we watched!


As Emmerdale won nothing, and even Corrie won barely the equivalent of ‘Best lampshade’ at the Soap Awards this week, I’ve been thinking of some other ‘hardly worth turning up for’ Awards on my Queen Vic Corner post. Fancy joining me and coming up with a few of your own?

Got a comment? Why not either add one on here or tweet me before Wednesday afternoon so that I can talk about it on my new ‘Jane’s Soapy Corner’ show on Tellyspy at 6.00 on Wednesday night? I’d really love some comments or questions to be able to discuss live online this week. Thanks!

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