Emmerdale-y – 16th December 2012

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Rachel’s waters broke; Edna didn’t have any water for her soup and Jai’s well-and-truly in the soup …

It’s been a bad week for Jai. It’ll be an even worse one when Charity finds out (as she surely will) that he’s the father of Rachel’s baby.

She’d thought it was just a bit of wind, but no; this little mite actually managed to arrive before Christmas Eve/Day (a very popular time for Soap babies)! I’m not sure how easy it is to give birth sat bolt upright, but Rachel gave us a rousing performance and has been excellent all week.

Ooh, it must have been hard for her not to have spilled the beans to Charity (who’s getting cockier by the day at the moment) though. Pride comes before a fall, they say. Hmm. Not just pride, but arrogance too.

Look at what happened to Carl, and it’s been cleverly written too, as (if my Twitter feed is anything to go by) Charity’s pretty unpopular right now, and there’s nothing we like better than someone getting their come-uppance, is there?

I did wonder what Charity will do when she DOES find out though? She’s always loved power and status, but if she leaves Jai she’ll lose the big house, the car and the cash. It’s going to be a real dilemma for her, isn’t it? Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.

Kids: who’d have ’em, aye?

I felt a bit sorry for Mr S too, as all three of his offspring are giving him a headache at the moment. I thought it was sweet of him to go and visit his Grandson, but not so sweet of him to try to warn Rachel off, although I do understand that he’s only trying to protect his son (and himself!) from the wrath of Charity!

“I’m not some little housewife slaving over a hot stove waiting for her hubby to come home and give her a little smile,” she ranted at Jai in the office.

“I’m sure no-one could ever accuse you of that,” Mr S reflected quietly.

He’s right there. (How DO they get their clothes get washed and ironed, keep their home so spotless and look after Noah when she’s so busy doing her ting?) ‘You can’t kid a kidder’ though, and she’s on to them. It’s only a matter of time before it all comes out, so if Jai’s worried now, this is going to seem like the tip of the iceberg once Charity puts two and two together!

It’s worse than we thought at Edna’s

Who else is looking tense? Ah, yes, Edna. She’s worried sick and falling further and further into debt in an attempt to keep Tootsie (who’s looking a picture of health) alive. I guess you can’t put a bit of pale makeup on a dog!

Ashley’s noticed that something’s up, but Edna’s of a generation where you kept yourself to yourself and never talked about your problems. Her problems must be worse than we thought though, as she couldn’t even afford the water for her cup-a-soup (she poured the sachet into an empty mug; you’re meant to put the powder in first, THEN add water. I know; I looked it up – just to be sure)!

Is Katie a mug for not telling Deccers it’s over? I think so, but (like Charity) if she ends it she loses the house and the lifestyle (a small price to pay to be shot of him, in my book), but if I was Katie I’d be making sure my money was in a account where he couldn’t get his hands on it, as he’ll be after every penny he can lay his hands on once The Smile’s finished with him.

Behind every smile …

That lovely smile (which barely ever leaves her face) is SO engaging. I just love to watch Megan’s scenes, and she’s using her charm to great advantage in her goal of getting back what’s rightfully hers for all the work she’s put in for that old misery.

Aah. It was nice to see Debbie apologise to Gennie, but it doesn’t alter her resolve to appear for the Prosecution against Chas. That’s harsh, and I hope she knows what she’s doing.

What’s Nikhil doing, telling Jai that they were the figures he’d reworked when it was GENNIE who’d done them? I hate it when people take credit for (or pretend they’ve done) something when they haven’t, and it’s even worse for Nikhil to have done it to Gennie.

THAT’S why she needs to go in there and grab that place by the bon bons and take it to a whole new level so that they’ll all finally admit and agree that she’s really good at her job – rather than all take the credit for HER work themselves. Grrr. ‘Go Gennie’!

New Year’s grieve?

“We’re going to be a proper family again,” Jake (the peg) cried happily. Oops. That wasn’t part of the plan, was it, David?

I can’t wait for Alicia to come back. Who’s going to get David: her or Pointless Priya (sorry Fiona)? There’s only one way to find out … although no. The fact that David said he’d have to hold off telling her and Jake until after the New Year can only mean one thing: they’ll grow closer over Christmas and it’ll lead to a tender kiss on the stroke of midnight …

Will I be right? I reckon so. Bring on the catfight!

We had some Good Acting From a Bit-Part Actor this week; the woman who Paddy asked if she had cash to pay her bill.

“It’s two ‘undred quid,” she exclaimed (in a lovely Yorkshire accent), and there’s a few good one-liners for Grins of The Week:

Rachel (about Misery’s Grandad): “Ali doesn’t think he’s going to be around for much longer.”

Sam: “Why? Where’s he going?”

Bernice (about Steve): “I don’t want to put pressure on him when he’s just got here.”

Val: “Not at his age.”

Amelia: “I’m the only girl here – apart from Noah.”

Alan: “I’m doing something interesting with a parsnip.”

Betty: “Ooh, (chuckles) you’re making me blush.”

Debbie: “I hope you’ve brought some (drinks) for Sarah?”

Charity: “I’ll have to make her a G&T – without the G.”

Jai: “Will you call me?”

Sam: “Why?”

Bernice (to Rodders about Steve): “He’s not a nomad. You make him sound like a naked man with a spear.”

Val: “That’d liven the place up.”


* Rhona’s pointy disease show no signs of clearing up. In fact, she’s looking quite unwell from it now (!)

* Charity’s coaching’s working well for Belle, isn’t it? She’s got her dad wrapped right round her little finger!

*  I reckon Rhona’s had more of a racy past than she’s letting-on about!

* There’s no way Dan should have been at work around food with that cold.

* How funny was David’s fall? Really convincing. Loved it!

* Katie described feeling completely calm when she thought she was going to die. I know just what she means. My car was hit by a lorry as I drove to work one morning (years ago now), and as I spun across two lanes of a dual carriageway I looked at the cars coming towards me and everything seemed to just go into slow motion. I felt absolutely calm, and as memories of my life literally DID flash before my eyes (they say that happens, don’t they?), the only thought that went though my mind was, “I wonder which one of these cars is going to be the one that kills me?’

* Rachel’s baby changed colour from when it popped out to when it got to the incubator.

One last thing …

If you read the first part of my weekly blogs you’ll know that my father has terminal cancer. He’s gone downhill so fast in the last ten days that we’re not sure whether he’ll even make it to Christmas.

As you can imagine, it’s all very tough and is taking a lot of time to ensure that we’re giving him the very best care that we can.

I’ve barely even STARTED thinking about Christmas yet so have had to accept that there’s simply no way I’m going to be able to get a blog out next Sunday. I’m really sorry, but I’m hoping to put a FULL blog out around Sunday 30th; reflecting on all the events of the big day – and beyond!

Thanks for reading Emmerdale-y, and I hope that (unlike half the characters in the village) you’ll have a Very Merry Christmas!


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