'Emmerdale-y' – 26th February 2012

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The lovely Lisa must despair of Zak sometimes. He doesn’t deserve her. Is he depressed, or what? All this sulking and going missing every five minutes …

Get a grip, man. Can’t you see how it’s upsetting your family? Even your dog’s affected. Most dogs jump up and generally go berserk when anyone comes in, but your Alfie barely even blinked. He’s got that lazy streak off you, man.

It’s a good job there aren’t any dogs at the Barton’s (although I did see a couple of chickens on Friday – which proves that there are actually some animals up there!), as Adam throwing that vase of flowers at the wall would have scared the poor thing to death. Oops …

Yes, it was John’s funeral, and wasn’t it haunting that nobody spoke for the first couple of minutes? A really clever touch, that. Everyone looked so smart in their black outfits, and the shot of the cars turning silently into the lane was very moving.

As usual at a Soap funeral though, it wasn’t long before it all started kicking-off, and Adam was ready to throw a punch (better than a vase, I guess), but Aaron wouldn’t rise to the bait (aah, isn’t he being all grown-up and sensible at the moment, bless), so he settled on having a bit of a rant instead.

Declan was always asking for trouble in turning up, but if Adam had gone for him I reckon Megan would have jumped right in and ‘sorted’ it. She’s certainly hit the ground running, hasn’t she, and had pretty-much ticked the fighting, flirting and feather-ruffling boxes all within the first five minutes!

She’s a great addition to the cast, and has already got the usual suspects lining-up with their tongues hanging out. She’s ‘hot’, and Carl’s like a heat-seeking missile when it comes to women, but poor old Bob’s not very hopeful of success. All we need now is for Rodney to roll up and turn-on the old ‘Blackstock charm’ and she’ll have the full set!

Someone who won’t be paying much attention to her (unless she’s training for a marathon), is Nikhil. Poor Gennie. She was very sweet to try and take an interest in his running, but he didn’t exactly encourage her, did he? I’m surprised she made it as far as she did on their run.

I reckon her hobby (of exercising in bed), is a far more sensible idea, and with Nikhil in there with her, what girl wouldn’t agree? I must say: he was looking particularly handsome and fit (in both senses of the word), this week, as was Charity. Married life’s clearly suiting her.

Did you see her laughing and smiling? That’s the third time this year – a record for her, and is so nice to see!

It was funny to see her sat with her fingers over her ears at Sarah’s party too. Charity’s not really your typical ‘Grandma’ type, is she? More like a guard dog most of the time, and she was growling at both Andy and Cameron this week. Somebody needs to though. Honestly, they’re like a couple of little boys fighting over a toy, and that ‘toy’ is looking increasingly like a Barbie Rapunzel doll.

God, it must be such a bind to wash? It looks amazing, but I can’t begin to imagine how much time it must take to look after. Does it get tangled-up in in bed, or would you have to wear it in a ponytail at night (or a hairnet!), I wonder?

It’s been a bit of a sombre  time, but there’s still a few Grins of the Week:

Laurel: “It’s just Ashley doing a dinner.”

Nicola: “No. It’s not.”

Laurel: “I know … ”

Andy: “Is she here?” (Debbie)

Cain: “Not unless she’s hiding under the sofa.”

Sandy: “I’d love to help but … Doctor’s orders.”

Ashley: “Ordered you to be waited on for life, did he?”

Gennie: “He’s cooking me dinner: chicken salad. Who has salad in winter? There’d better be chips.”

Bob: “You’re going for a run.”

Nikhil: “You’re wasted in a cafe, Bob.”

PS No Bad Drinking from a Mug Awards this week!

PPS Megan’s the image of my friend Kimmie, and it’s been like seeing her on my screen every five minutes this week. I hope I get used to it soon, as it feels a bit weird!

PPPS Zak said to Sam, “Don’t get smart with me.” Ha. As if!

PPPP Megan said she’d give Delcan and Katy six months. That long?

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