Emmerdale-y – 22nd July 2012

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Laurel admits her feelings, Robbie’s making Katie feel uncomfortable, and Rachel’s not feeling well. Oh dear. Might be more than a dodgy curry, girl!

“Procrastination is an art form with you, isn’t it Paddy?” Rhona observed wryly. She’s right. It is all a bit unbelievable to think that he’ll be upping sticks and heading off to New Zealand, isn’t it?

I still don’t think he’ll go, but I’ll play the game! It looks like Marlon won’t be going with them now though, as we finally had the kiss!

It’s often only when you think you’re about to lose something that you really realise how much it means to you, and Laurel had a big wake-up call this week. At least it spurred her into action, and now we’re all excited to see what happens next. I can’t imagine Ashley’ll be too chuffed, but I reckon Sandy will be on board.

He seemed to give her his blessing this week, and it’s a blessing for Marlon that he’s hopefully going to find some happiness at last. It was all wonderful stuff, and I can’t wait for next week. Bless.

Send Robbie to New Zealand

I hope Robbie doesn’t get together with anyone. I just want him to ‘get off’. He gives me the creeps, and Katie’s told Declan that he gives her the creeps too. As long as he doesn’t give her the willies (oh, stop it)!

And speaking of which … I can’t wait for Jai to find out that Rachel ‘feeling ill’ in the morning is a little more than one bottle of cheap cider too many.

This is going to be a cracking storyline, and will give Rachel her first real chance to play a leading role. Charity’s going to go berserk when she finds out!

Will she be finding out about Cameron and Chas too? Debbie’s got her suspicions now, but Cameron’s treating Chas really badly at the moment. It’s like how Peter was to Carla in Corrie, except that in this case I hope they DO get together!

‘Eye, eye’ pet

We saw a new face this week: Amy’s mum Kerry. You can see where Amy gets the eye make-up thing from. I’d have thought they’d have cast Chelsea’s real life Auntie to play her, but the actress they chose has had a great first week.

I loved her run-in with Val outside the B&B, and with three geordie lasses in the village now, there’s going to be fireworks!

Kerry seems to like the younger man, so newly-single Alex had better watch out, although I think he’s actually got his eye on The Widow Barton (and her on him too, I suspect)?

There’s some excellent storylines on the go (and up-coming) at the moment. It’s no wonder it’s challenging EastEnders in the ratings. If it carries on like this it’ll soon be exceeding them – and not before time. Emmerdale really doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

This has to be the Line of The Week from Chas to Debbie, about Cain: “He’s like daddy bear … gone wrong.” Right, time for our Grins of the Week:

Chas: “Things are always scarier in your head than they are in real life.”

Marlon: “And this, coming from a woman who’s slept with Paddy.”

Val: “I’m young, free and single.”

Eric: “Except for the ‘young’, yes.”

Kerry: “What you looking at? I’ll slap the face off you in a minute.”

Paddy: “Two sticky toffee puddings please. One with cream and one with custard: I’m on a diet.”

Amy: “I’ll kill Victoria.”

Val: “Don’t blame her. The poor bunny’s no match for me when I’m on one.”


* Can Paddy really move to New Zealand just like that? My neighbour’s been trying to emigrate to Australia for three years already (and she’s in a ‘wanted’ category).

* Alex is always skint. What does he do with his wages? He certainly doesn’t spend it on hair gel!

* Alex floods the bathroom. Megan has to claim on the Insurance but tells them the premiums will go up so THEY will have to pay for the repairs. I’m not sure that would stand up in a tribunal, would it?

* Chas said if your ears were burning it was left for love and right for spite. I’ve never heard that before. I always thought it was just meant to mean that someone was talking about you.

* How dare Pointless Priya ask Jackie whether she was drinking her drink or not. If she’s bought a drink, it’s up to her what she does with it.

Instead of replying “I was thinking – maybe this once – of just leaving it, but fine,” then drinking it, she should have  looked at PP and said slowly, “I was thinking – maybe this once – of just leaving it, but … ” then chucking it straight over her. That would have been SO much better!



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  1. Ceebee July 23, 2012 at 4:09 pm #

    They are not emigrating, he has been offered a two year contract which means he will be sponsered and can get a work visa.

    • Jane July 29, 2012 at 3:41 pm #

      Ah, that must be why then. Thank you for taking the time to let me know. :-)

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