'Emmerdale-y' – 1st April 2012

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Jimmy gets to be Nicola’s ‘mate’ again; has Ashley’s mate sorted him out; Nikhil looks as if he ‘wants to be mates’ with Alicia, and is Aaron choosing his mate over his mate? This week’s Emmerdale review.

Not only has Demon Vicar Ashley been psychologically abusing Sandy, but he’s now making his daughter Gaby tell lies too. What’s next? Shoplifting loaves and fishfingers from David’s?

He tried to intimidate Rachel again. “This kind of gossip can ruin lives,” he seethed menacingly. You should have thought of that before you started bullying your aged father then, ‘mate’, shouldn’t you?

Rachel’s determination to stand by her story led to the world and his wife having a go at her, but – out of the blue – Ashley’s Vicar chum Jude flew in (he’s only missing a cape and a pair of pants over his trousers!), and after a cup of tea and a kiss from Laurel, SuperVic flew off to save his next Vicar In Crisis and Ashley suddenly appeared to be back to normal; cuddling Arthur, laughing, and declaring jovially that he was looking forward to a bit of family time.

Is this the end of it, or just a temporary reprieve for poor old Sandy? It seems a bit too ‘neat’ an end of it (if it IS the end?), but let’s see what next week brings.

It’s the beginning of the end in the ‘battle for Jimmy’s gonads’ (as Carl so eloquently phrased it!), as Jimmy finally agreed to having the snip, but Carl’s come up with the option of sperm-storage first. Now, where on earth’s this one going?

I hope Jimmy’s sperm are cleverer than their dad, as it’s already ‘Game, Set and Match’ to Nicola over the vasectomy, and if Jimmy he thinks he’s going to be able to pull this one off without her finding out then he might as well save himself the pain of the operation as he’ll be unlikely to be needing his ‘bits’ once she’s finished with him!

Ha. Talking of bits: how funny was Alicia’s comment, “Chilly, is it?” when she looked Nikhil up and down in his skin-tight lycra?

I’m a bit worried about it though, as I’ve never seen him look so frisky, and he was all-but slavering as he watched her doing her exercises.

He’d better not go upsetting our Gennie. They’ve only been going out for five minutes (five minutes being the operative words: we’ve barely seen them in the same room together since they started dating!), and I’d hate to see them having problems already.

Aaron putting his mate Adam first is still a problem for his mate Ed, and he’s finally starting to lose patience now. There hasn’t been so much as a spark between them again this week, and Aaron looks more cosy with Adam to be honest (I’d always held out a hope of those two getting together!), and it’s looking increasingly unlikely that he and Ed are going to be heading off to ‘Ooh, la la’ land now.

Adam’s living in La-La land over this arson thing. I know those defectives gave him an alibi, but he’s clearly started to believe them, saying: “Maybe I should just take the blame?” to his mum at the end of Friday’s episode.

When you say, “Take the blame,” Adam, don’t you mean, ‘Own up’, because you DID actually do it – mate – or have you forgotten that?

Just a word about Lisa. She’s such a trooper the way she keeps those Dingles in check, and she’s put in a sterling performance over these last few weeks while Zak’s been playing silly beggars.

It’s sweet to see how Megan, ‘The Smile’ Macey is taking Zak under her wing too, and let’s hope he doesn’t let her down after she kindly offered him a job (which Declan probably won’t be too pleased about, I suspect).

Has Emmerdale given up one-liners for Lent, as it’s lean pickings again in our Grins of the Week:

Victoria (to Alex and Jimmy): “You could start your own circus, you’re such a pair of clowns.”

Alan: “I gave a talk about Dunkirk to the History Society for the 50th Anniversary.”

Sean: “Bet that was a cracking night.”

Alan: “Edna thought it was one of the highlights of the year.” (Her life sounds as exciting as mine!)

Laurel: “Is Rachel here?”

Ali: “Er, no, because she doesn’t even live here.”

PS Did you spot that in the next scene after Alicia had mentioned Nikhil’s ‘bits’, he’d got an apron on? Was that a subtle and clever joke? If so, it was very funny!

PS2 Alex is a Scouser? Oops. I thought he was a Geordie. (Mind you; I’d thought Moira was Irish until John said she was Scottish a couple of months ago!)

PS3 £2 for a take-away tea? I’ve racked/wracked my brains to remember the exact price, but I’m sure Cameron and Aaron were only charged £1.90 (or was it £2.90?) for two take-away coffees a couple of weeks ago, and coffee’s always more expensive than tea!

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  1. Seabass June 14, 2012 at 7:31 pm #

    Are they taking the peepeepooshlacker over this Ashley story?

    EVEN if he did hit his old man; families fight, people get hit and its not even as if he actually hit properly! All he really did was shove him around a little bit and YES i know he SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE IT but never in a million years would it go from Vicar to homeless bum over pushing his own dad!

    The writers SERIOUSLY need to get a grip! The way they’ve taken this story is just pure pathetic and the only way they could possibly redeem themselves is doing a ‘dallas’ and making Ashley wake up and ‘it was all a dream’!


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