Emmerdale-y – 18th November 2012

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Kerry’s trying to be a good mum; Nikhil thinks Gennie isn’t a good mum & Debbie’s just a very worried mum.

Those of you old enough to remember having partakten in Terry Wogan’s ‘DrinkalongaDallas’ many years ago (whenever Sue Ellen took a drink you had to have one too!) would probably be less inclined to want to join in with the ‘CryalongaDebbie‘ club.

The poor girl’s done barely anything but sob her little heart out for the last couple of weeks now, and she’s been doing it SO well that you truly would believe that she’s both scared for Sarah and broken-hearted from losing Cameron. Give the girl an Award; that’s what I say!

Cameron would do anything for love

She definitely put the wind up Chas by reminding her that Cameron’s a serial adulterer though, didn’t she? He IS, and you can see how Chas had doubts (especially when she found out that he’d been calling Debs), but I’d like to believe that Cameron really WILL stay with her now, as he’s even handed himself to Cain on a plate to get his ‘kicking’ over and done with. That’s got to be love, surely?

We’ve seen both ‘Good Cain’ and ‘Bad Cain’ this week, haven’t we, but surely even he will have to get over himself at some point and accept that Cameron really IS in love with Chas and just let them get on with their lives?

Let’s hope so, and let’s just get Debbie back with Andy soon too, please!

Kerry gets merry

It’s another case of a ladies’ excuse me this week, with Andy having had a ‘thing’ with Kerry, who almost had a thing with Alex, who’s separated from Victoria, who’s now going out with Adam and is best friends with Amy – who looks as if she’ll soon end up going out with Alex. Confused?

Ha, it’s musical beds alright, and how long before Amy ends up with Adam?

Just put Kerry with Dan – and soon – please. Kerry’s been a joy to watch this week. She’s SO believable, and you can’t help but feel for her character as she desperately wants to be a good role model and mother to Amy but just doesn’t really know how.

Mummy knows best, Nikhil

Anyone can have a baby, but it’s quite another thing to be a good parent. I really wouldn’t want Rhona as my mother (or partner) as she’s turned into a right little bossy britches lately and a ‘pit bull’ whenever she’s within ten yards of Laurel. It’s great fun to watch them bicker, but I don’t envy Paddy.

I wouldn’t envy Adam for the stick he’s probably getting over his line: “Anyone over 50 needs to find a new hobby,” either!

Ah, that’s young people for you. You won’t believe how soon that’ll be YOU, lad! Youth’s SO wasted on the young, and when I look at the village youngsters ‘spreading the love’ I wish I’d made more of a hobby of it myself!

The minute you add babies into the mix though, your youth quickly vanishes – as Gennie’s finding out. Babies suck the life out of you (and a lot more besides!).

“She’s hungry,” Gennie said to Nikhil and waited for him to hand her over.

“I think she’s fine,” he replied.

“Let’s ask my boobs. They should know,” she contended.

Nikhil might be a doting father, “Is it my fault that I’m so in love with both you and Molly that I can’t bear to leave you?” he asked her innocently, but he’s really pushing her.

“Ah, sweet, sweet. Now get out of my face,” she muttered to herself!

Who’d be ‘top dog’ at the vet’s?

Nikhil’s heart’s in the right place, but the (barely!) underlying reason for him not wanting to go to work appears to be that he simply doesn’t think she’s up to the job.

He still doesn’t seem to have worked out just what a remarkable woman he’s found in Gennie, and that if he just left her to get on with it she’d do a damn sight better without him under her feet all day! Is Gennie hankering after doing what Corrie’s ‘Curse-ty’s‘ done though: wanting to get back at work while Nikhil stays home to look after the baby?

I’d love to see Gennie taking on more responsibility at the factory and giving Charity ‘what for’ when she comes in ‘lording it’ over everyone. Charity’s one of my top five Soap characters ever, but – boy – she turns into right a bossy cow when you stick her in an office.

Maybe now that Jimmy’s going to pull himself together and take control at the haulage business, Charity could lend her skills to Rhona round at the Vet’s? There’d be fur and feathers flying everywhere if you put those two in a room together!

There’s a Good Drinking From a Mug Award for Scarlett; a Line of the Week from Kerry to Alex: “You don’t have to be diving into her knickers to have a good time,” and our Grins of The Week:

Rishi (Mr S): “We’re looking for temporary staff at the factory.”

Eric: “I’ve got a job, thank you.”

Brenda: “I’ve got a dance class tonight. I know it sounds glamorous.”

Kerry: “Not the word I would have chosen … “

Nikhil: “I want it all to be perfect.”

Georgia: “Well then, you shouldn’t have had a baby.”

Kerry: “I’m a total professional – and not in a prostitute-y way.”

Eric (reading from the paper): “Hilarity ensues when newleyweds Nigel and Celia accidently switch suitcases with two exotic dancers.”

Amy: “Happens to me all the time, that.”


* Amy made a quip about turning out to be the third Middleton sister. Hey, you’re way prettier than either of those two, pet!

* Mr S’s face when Kerry told him, “I’m going to blow you away.” Ha, I bet she gets the job!

* Loved Gennie mouthing “Montage (!)” in disbelief when Nikhil suggested that she film and make a montage of a typical day of Molly’s life!


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